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I know we have done this before but my manager is trying to get our call pay increased so I'm looking for updated amounts. What is your call pay just for being "on call"? Where are you located? State? City if willing?? ... Read More

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    Two bucks and some change per hour on call, time and a half with two hour minimum when called in. St. Louis, MO.
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    Central Virginia....we get $5 per hour of call. Once we get called in it is regular pay, unless we are in overtime or night/weekend pay. If we do get called in and they don't end up needing us or are there less than 2 hours, we get paid automatically for 2 hours.
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    Connecticut...we get minimum wage per hr. for on call, time & 1/2 if called in plus 1 hr. for travel time.
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    7.50 standby min 2 hours when called in
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    Thanks everyone, keep the info rolling....Any union workers out there?
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    Many days I wish we were union.

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