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Hello all. Are there any other newbies out there like me? I graduated this May and jumped feet-first into the OR. Just completed 2 out of the 9 mos of training that I will receive. So far, I LOVE it! Maybe us rookies can... Read More

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    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum. I just took my last final today in an ADN program. Grad at the end of the month. Yeah! Anyway, I have been an LPN for several years prior to starting the RN program, and had worked in a surgeons private office in the past(And did a good job too if I do say so) I loved it, and was sure I wanted to work in the OR when I was done with school. Now I'm not so sure, after talking with instructors, recruitors, and other nurses. While I did enjoy the med/surg rotations, I'm just not sure if it's for me, or at least the long term plan. I think my instructer is worried that I'll get in the OR, work a few years and hate it, and then be afraid to come back out on the floor , a recruiter, after finding out I was interested in the OR(I think she was looking for med/surg nurses) told me , It takes a certain kind of person to like the OR,and sort of.. well blew me off, and other students /nurses think I won't like working with "unconscious patients". I tell them they aren't unconscious when they first get in the OR and I would want to know someone like me was there looking out for me when I was anesthesized. It's almost like OR nurses are thought of as from a different planet or something. Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks

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    Don't give up on your dream, no matter what other people say. It sounds to me like you are the kind of caring person I would like to have around in the OR.
    I have also experienced this attitude towards OR nurses. If I go to the ICU or ER to assist in the transfer of a critically ill patient I usually am ignored and have to start asking questions regarding the care of the patient. I have the feeling OR nurses are the only ones that take over the care for a patient from another unit and are expected to do so without getting report. This would never happen between 2 other units for example ICU to a medical floor.
    We are not just technicians, but highly trained and skilled professionals, in an ever changing and challenging work environment. Follow what your heart tells you to do, I don't think you will regret the choices you will make (whatever it might be). Good luck!

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