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Best and Least Cases? - page 2

Hi, :wavey: I was just wondering if you can give me some insight to your best and least favorites cases that you like to do. Which cases do you like to do more than others, and why? Are just tell me... Read More

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    Love - neuro
    Like - general
    Dislike - plastics (boring), hearts (the doc is waaaay too high-strung for it to be enjoyable)
    Hate - ortho (hate positioning and prepping, hate all the little screws and washers and bolts, I went into nursing, not carpentry!)
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    LOVE Ortho! Great big femur fractures, drills, plates, screws, Jackson table and the satisfaction of "fixing"!

    Like General, but only at certain times. General surgeons can be mean )&*()*&(&& s. Cases are great, just who you're working with.

    Urology, can't say I love the cases, but our urology team is made up of very very nice people. Pleasure to work with them.

    Eyes? Snooze. Especially after lunch. Except for ocular plastics, I do like that.

    That's the great thing about the OR! So much you can do!
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    Love: General, Plastics, Ortho
    Hate: Urology, Gyne
    A lot of the love/hate has to do with the team (surgeons and nurses), you always can tell when you are going to have a good day or a bad day based on the team...
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    Thanks for all the replies !!! Its interesting to find out what everybody else likes and dislikes.