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For the life of me I can't remember what its called, and I need a picture of it!!... Read More

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    Quote from ebear
    Good job, WitchyRN! I think this is the one the OP was referring to. I believe the Mayfield is used primarily for neuro cases.
    No not necessarily true. We have used the Mayfield for beach chair positioning fo 30 years and works great. Yes, it does have applications for neuro but having different components allows it to be used in alot of Ortho cases.

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    Quote from shodobe
    It is called a Mayfield headrest by Ohio Inst Company. It has several attachments that let you either use the horseshoe, headrest or even Raney skull pins. I don't have a camera but I am sure this is what you are referring to. We use this on any shoulder procedure where the arm needs to swing freely.


    It's the mayfield we use.
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    Could you tell me who manufactures the McConnell arm holder? I would appreciate any information you could provide.
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    We have moved away from using the McConnell and we are now using the Spider hydraulic system. Anyone out there using this? It is FAR AND AWAY better than the McConnell. We use a Schlien on the bed and then we can attach the Spider to the bed railing and then the surgeon can position the arm with a foot pedal that is hooked up to a nitrogen hose. This is only used for shoulder surgeries at my hospital right now, but I can see how this system can have many uses. We call it the "robotic med student"!

    Way to go on the Mayfield guess!

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