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Any Suggestions?!?

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    I just finished my Perioperative program, and have started my career in the O.R. Unfortunately, it is not off to a great start. I seem to be allergic to the cuffs of the disposable sterile gowns that my hospital uses. Every day after i scrub i break out in a rash that extends from the middle of my hands to just below the wrists, right where my cuffs sit. I know it is not the gloves, as the top half of my hands and fingers are not affected. I have tried using liners, but they don't cover all of my wrists, i have tried different scrub solutions with no change, i tried opsites, but when i pulled them off after the surgery, all it did was open up all the little blisters. i make sure my hands are really dry before gowning and have tried moving my cuffs up and down, nothing makes a difference. I did a 7 week rotation in an OR with cloth/gortex gowns and scrubbed every day and had NO problems at all. (cloth gowns are not an option at this facility). i talked to the nurse educator for the unit and she is contacting the company rep, but i was wondering if anyone else has had similar problems or any suggestions. Working in the O.R. is great. this IS my career goal, and i don't want it to be cut short. any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

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    Geez Lenawa, I'm so sorry this is happening!! Maybe you could
    try to wear those terrycloth work-out wristbands under the cuffs?
    Maybe that would create the barrier that you need?
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    What kind of cuffs are they?? The sterile gowns we use are that paper-y kind with the cotton-like knit cuffs; I wouldn't think those would cause a problem (they're just like cuffs on regular clothes). They must be different from the ones that we use.
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    yes, they are blue paper-like with the cotton cuffs. but do you notice a smell when you open them up? i think there must be like a preservative or maybe they sterilize them chemically...i don't know. i'm leaving for work now and my hands look like they've just come out of a blender.

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    Can you put gloves on under the gown, then gown, then gloves over it? Double gloved, but only the top set would be considered sterile?
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    That is a really good idea! it sounds so much better than liners, (i absolutely HATE them) I will certainly try that on monday. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
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    There should be no reason why they would not be able to get you a disposable gown that would be for hypoallergenic people. I hoep you like the OR. It is my major love. I had to give it up thought because of physical problems. Good Luck! AND enjoy your time in the operating room. Kathy
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    What a cool idea Canoe!!!

    Lena, I hope that Canoe has come up with a viable option for you. Good Luck
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    I have been doing the glove - gown - glove thing for about a month now and have had no furthur problems with my hands, Thanks again!