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What are people using if patient is allergic to betadine for internal vaginal preps ? Phisohex says for external use only and Hibiclens says not to use on genitalia.... Read More

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    We have been using Hibiclens 0.4% diluted with sterile water to 0.2% for a few months now on all vaginal preps. I make sure and document the solution in the chart. Out managment wants us to use this instead of Betadine that we had been using. We have not had any complications so far.

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    I was really interested to find this thread as we have surgoens here in Tasmania who wish to use alcoholic chlorhexidine for ALL prep, vaginal, on the face etc. I am amassing evidence to counter their argument but I too have been told that vag lining is squamous epithelium ie skin. I asked a surgeon why it doesn't look like the rest of our skin & he didn't know. If anyone can send me references to scholarly article that would help me I'd be most grateful. Cheers
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    Our OB/Gyn and Urologic surgeons request Chlorhexidine even if the patient isn't allergic to betadine. They don't like the residual brown when using scopes
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    Thanks for such a quick response. My main concern is that the surgeons want to use 70% alcohol-based chlorhex. As a woman I and my colleagues intuitively feel it's wrong & this weekend I have just conducted a personal experiment & I KNOW it's wrong! It's the alcohol I'm combatting as much as the chlorhexidine. Hope you've got soem evidence that can help. Thanks, R
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    it is not recommended to use hibiclens as vaginal prep or to dilute it. hibiclens is 4% chg and 4% alcohol. check out this article published in the american college of obgyns showing what can happen when we prep with hibiclens (i have the article pdf if you would like me to send it to you):
    the problem with hibiclens is the concentration of chg plus the alcohol. however, many studies support the use of chg in vaginal mucosa at concentrations less than 1%.
    irrisept is a 0.05% chg concentration that is fda cleared as an irrigation system. the company does not have specific claims to be used as vag prep. hospitals are using it off-label due to the published literature showing this concentration is safe and effective.
    betadine used in vaginal mucosa is also off-label. betadine is not effective in the presence of blood and should be allowed to dry. . . we all know it does not dry in the vaginal vault.
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    Thank you so much for this information, I'll continue to spread the word. I have had one concilatory communication from a surgeon & another very terse one! I even did a personal experiment so I KNOW we're right!

    Thanks again, Rachel
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    Yes please may I have a pdf version of the report too. My work email is
    Cheers, Rachel

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