West Coast University Anaheim Schedule for 1st term 2013

  1. Hi all, I am starting wcu in anaheim august 2013. I know they choose your schedule for you..I am wondering if anyone could tell me their schedules and if anyone knows what I will get my first term starting. Thanks in advance
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  3. by   trebleclefmama
    Hi! Not a current student but am getting the process of applying started, wanted to wish you luck with nursing school How long did it take you to get accepted?
  4. by   natalie29
    I am also starting in Anaheim in August. My first classes that I am taking are anatomy and critical reasoning. However I am transferring credits over, so I don't know what the normal beginning classes are.
  5. by   jesslauren19
    Not too long. Have you taken your HESI yet?
  6. by   jesslauren19
  7. by   trebleclefmama
    Not yet, wanted to make sure this was something I wanted to do, such a large amount of debt :/ but ultimately it's what's best for me right now
  8. by   Tracy0518
    Hi im taking the HESI tomorrow.
    any advice on what i should study?
  9. by   jesslauren19
    What campus? Study pretty much everything in the book they give you to study...and take your time on the test!
  10. by   zasaeki
    Quote from jesslauren19
    What campus? Study pretty much everything in the book they give you to study...and take your time on the test!
    It must be exciting times for you! I've also considered attending WCU's Anaheim campus and really loved their program. Are you going in with any credits transferred? I was able to bring down the tuition down to about $86,000 after transferring the GEs. I know WCU is very expensive but I also understand that some people can't afford to go the traditional route for numerous reasons. Were you able to get your schedule yet?
  11. by   jesslauren19
    No, I didn't transfer any credits in. I get my schedule July 26th at registration. I am very excited.
  12. by   Anonymous83
    You can't choose what schedule you get your first term. But on your 2nd term and so forth, you will be able to choose your schedule, but you will still have to choose the specific classes they told you to take. The only thing you can choose is the days and time you want to take the class based on the term schedule provided to you for your next term.
  13. by   jesslauren19
    thank you! I got a good schedule for my first term so I am excited!
  14. by   riamaria
    Hey Jesslauren, I had some questions as well. Do you know if there is any way to private message on here?