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Weatherford College LVN program Fall 2014

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    I am applying for the LVN program at Weatherford College for Fall 2014. Anyone else applying or attended the LVN program at Weatherford? What is the program like? How is the schedule? How many points did you get accepted with? Any other comments would be helpful also.
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    I graduated from the LVN program back in August 2010. I absolutely loved the program and it will be worth it in the end.

    Good luck!!!
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    I am applying also. I'm not sure what the hours and days are like. If you find out anything, let me know! I'm not even sure how I compare to everyone with points. Guess we'll see!
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    Were any of you accepted to the weatherford fall 2014 lvn program.
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    The first semester you will go Monday through Friday, one day midweek will be a short day like 8 to noon but the others will be full days like 8 to 4 and Fridays you will be done around 1.
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    I was accepted. I had 11 points
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    Hello...I am going to apply for the LVN program for the fall 2015 .....I just learned of the point system....Can someone please tell me what is the least amount of points someone has been accepted with?