Walden's RN-MSN....worth it? or BSN first???

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    I am currently an ADN looking to advance my education. I originally was looking into and RN-BSN online program when I came acrosss Walden. They offer a program for ADN-MSN in just under 3 years...sounds perfect for me. Only catch is that I do not obtain my BSN along the way as they condense the BSN portion of the program.....My question is, does this matter? Looking for any and all advice.

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    As once wise person told me ....no one cares how you got it.
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    LOL...thanks........Walden actually just called regarding my transcripts and said that they are offering FREE summer tuition for the June 25th start! So the offer just got sweeter! How can I turn that down???
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    look really carefully at the fine print. Free doesn't mean without restrictions.

    Good luck
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    Yes...still have to pay for books and 'technology' fee but still saves me a chunk of change
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    So did you ever start the Walden program????? i am also considering it but im am a bit reluctant, is there anything i might need to know, i am also an ADN looking to start the RN-FNP program.
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    I have been attending Walden for my BSN and love it. I'll be finished in the Spring and debating doing the MSN for NP. It's not too overwhelming online since I can work on assignments whenI have a day off. I work full time and have 3 kids at home. Haven't had any issues with Walden though.
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