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Hey guys! I'm posting this for everyone who is applying to Wagner's second degree nursing program for Fall 2017. Just wanted to know how many have applied, gone through interviews etc?... Read More

  1. by   Girl37
    That is 55,000 a year fall and spring then another 55,000 for summer and fall it is really expensive.
  2. by   Nursegirl94
    Girl37 So your saying for the whole 15 month program it will cost 110k?? Can someone please verify this information for me i did not think it would be that much
  3. by   Girl37
    Well when I sat down with financial aid they only covered 18,000 the tuition is about 48,000 around so she told me to take a personal loan for 33,000 or 35,000. Then she said I would have to take out another loan again to cover the cost for the next semester
  4. by   Girl37
    Nursegirl93That loan I take out is just for fall and spring and that is considered one year that will cover that. I almost fainted when she said that. There was still the summer and fall to consider. I wouldn't say it is 110k but you will be paying close to 65,000-70,000 when your done or 80,000.
  5. by   Girl37
    Sorry I meant nursegirl94 !! Wagner is extremely expensive. For four year undergrad the total tuition is about 224,000-234,000 remember per semester it is 24,000 roughly. These are not exact numbers but these are real close to their numbers. I didn't realize how expensive it was to till I sat down with Financial Aid. I was almost hesitant to go there but it is your future and you have to look at it as investment in yourself just a huge one..
  6. by   nycgirl1994
    is everyone who got in attending? the tuition is crazy =[
  7. by   Jen11222
    Yes, I am. Pretty much using up all my savings but it will be worth it.