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Hi future nurses! I didn't see a discussion board for the summer term of 2017, so I decided to make one myself(: Let's use this forum to discuss grades, TEAS, and the application process. This does... Read More

  1. by   maddiec
    Right before thanksgiving!
  2. by   tana5623
    Hey, did u hear anything yet ? We have similar grades , and I didn't hear anything from them yet. My teas 74 over all GPA 3.7 science 3.9
  3. by   Toots4516
    So like i havent gotten an emial yet but i have a 4.0 and a 85 teas score and Ms. Botello said my personal statement was great. Do you think if we havent recieved an interview we wont get one ?
  4. by   TLBarrow
    I was told they were going to release the last wave hopefully by the end of this week. You should definitely be hearing something. I have a 3.7 GPA and a 85.3% on TEAS. Hoping we both get an email for an interview.
  5. by   Toots4516
    Oh well thats good. Im on pins and needels like i talked to MS. Botello and she said they were going to start sending out interviews again this week . But im really starting sweat. However i had a few payment issues with my supplemental application and it took till like at end of november for it to get cleared up so i know im at the bottom of the stack
  6. by   slhanson0121
    Did anyone hear anything yet this week? Still no interview for me as of yet! Hoping I am in the last wave lol.
  7. by   TLBarrow
    I would be betting that the last wave of emails will come out January 20th. They could possibly come out tomorrow the 19th but I am doubtful.
  8. by   Toots4516
    I talked to ms botello today and she said they we be sending emails through mid febuary
  9. by   tana5623
    Quote from Divine___17
    Hello, I am also waiting for the application to open. I have a prior BS degree.
    Overall GPA: 3.2
    Science GPA: 4.0
    Teas: 74
    The NURCAS is a bit confusing. Do we send our transcript and TEAS scores to N-Cas or to UTMB? Also do we upload our personal statement onto N-CAS? Do we have to apply to the school seperately and then the nursing program?
    Did u get you in yet?
  10. by   Divine___17
    Quote from tana5623
    Did u get you in yet?
    No havent heard anything yet. Im assuming that I'm going to get waitlisted. Im retaking my Teas and applying to others schools. Goodluck
  11. by   Toots4516
    No i havent even gotten an interview and like my credentials are steller but they are going to be sending out interviews until mid febuaury
  12. by   Divine___17
    Did anyone receive an email saying that they need to turn in their SS number b/c their application was incomplete?
  13. by   Elle.m
    Have you gotten an interview yet?