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Hi everyone! I cannot believe it's actually time for me to apply to nursing school. It seems like I've been working on my pre-reqs forever now and it's finally here. I didn't see any utmb 2017... Read More

  1. by   krysallyson05
    Do any of you know where to send your transcript to NursingCAS?
  2. by   Futuremidwifeuhs
    Anybody else hoping this is the week to hear something back?
  3. by   stacyrox1
    Hey guys!! I have been lurking this thread for a while and didn't want to comment until now but I just found out I got into UTMB nursing school for the fall im so happy!!! It has been a long road I interviewed march 20th and today has marked the 10th week since waiting for an answer. I have not received an acceptance letter but I decided to log into my UTMB account and it showed that I owed $200 and to either accept or decline. I just wanted to shed some light on anyone who is waiting please don't feel discouraged their is beauty in the waiting process plzz just stay strong and have faith!
  4. by   Futuremidwifeuhs
    Yay! Congrats. I've learned to be patient with their process.
  5. by   Sandybee
    Did you send your transcript
  6. by   Sandybee
    Congratulations, another happy camper!!!, I wish you the best!!
  7. by   stacyrox1
    Thank you!!!
  8. by   stacyrox1
    @sandybee No i have not turned in my transcript I was holding it out because i didnt know if it would be worth it to send it if I haven't gotten accepted.
  9. by   Futuremidwifeuhs
    I talked to Ms. Botello last week and she said not to send it until you found out you were accepted.
  10. by   morganCNA
    I just now received my conditional acceptance!!!! I interviewed march 27!!! Good luck to everyone!
  11. by   Futuremidwifeuhs
    Great! Seems like acceptances for that round are going out. Congrats!!
  12. by   yaga
    I just got a call to come in for an interview yesterday! The email was titled "Wait List Interviews" so I guess that means the people coming in were waitlisted for interview spots. This is also the 5th week from that email we got, so I expect that if you didn't hear anything at all, you should be getting something this week.
  13. by   Futuremidwifeuhs
    So anybody who interview this round will be waitlisted?