Utica Accelerated BSN August 2013

  1. Anyone else apply for this program? I just found out I got into the Utica Accelerated BSN August 2013 start date.
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  3. by   jessyb
    hello leroy, im actually looking at absn programs now, saw utica college. do you know if all their classes/clinicals are in one location at the liverpool site?
  4. by   leroy221
    Hi Jessy - I believe they all are in the same area. Have you found out anything else about the program?
  5. by   jessyb
    honestly, not really. i know it is in liverpool, but i am not sure how the actual week goes. i did hear it was online though and there are some clinical portions to it.
  6. by   jessyb
    i would love to know more about the program though, if anyone here is a student of the asbn program at utica, it would be helpful to get your input! thanks. leroy, when do u start? end of this month?
  7. by   leroy221
    Hey Jess - At the moment I have chosen a different school but here's what I was told:

    The tentative schedule for your first semester will include 1 full day a week at our program site in Liverpool for clinical lab and classroom. Your first semester this will be on Tuesday
    Then you will need to plan additional days to come onsite to practice your clinical skills in the skills lab. You will have exams onsite on Friday mornings at the Liverpool program site. Your exams won't begin until approximately your third week into the program. Your hospital clinical schedule will be assigned when you get started in the program.

    Your second, third, and fourth semesters, you will spend two full days a week at hospital clinical locations and you will have one full day here on site for exams / clinical lab & classroom.
  8. by   jessyb
    thanks for the information leroy! much appreciated! is there a reason why you chose another school over utica? (you dont have to mention which school you chose) was just curious thanks again leroy !
  9. by   leroy221
    Sure Jess - I'll private message you.
  10. by   jessyb
    ohhh no i can't reply! i don't have enough posts yet, so they wont let me send. hahaha, but i saw your message! thanks so much leroy appreciate it a lot!
  11. by   wanttoknow
    Can you please tell me why you did not choose this school.. I am also looking into Marian University which is in Indianapolis, I'm trying to decide if Utica College is a better choice since its close to home a better fit than Indianapolis. I'm trying to compare programs, comparing the money issue in terms of the loans the extra fees and housing.
  12. by   ZenNurseMode
    I'm considering Utica as well. The program sounds great to me!
  13. by   Kpschultz
    Hi Everybody and Leroy,

    I'm very interested in the program in Utica. I live in NJ and I am foreigner and I have my BS in food and Nutrition. My cumulative GPA only 2.96 Which after I got it evaluated from WES I think this might drop to 2.6 . I spoke to someone a few day ago.She called me and interview to get some basic information and to make sure if I was be able to study online. Most classes are on like ,she said. What I need to do it to work and have a good time management. I'm doing the prerequisite courses at Union County College now. I also look for apply at Seton Hall this fall too, I sent an unofficial transcripts to Fairleigh Dickinson but he replied that my GPA was too low he afraid that I will have a high chance for the nursing department not even review my application. Does anybody have same situation as me with low GPA? I'm very worry and I really afraid of not getting into anywhere.

    Any suggestion would be very very helpful, I am open on relocating in PA,NY also if you have known any school.

    Thank you SO MUCH for reading my post!!!!!!! _/\_ _/\_ _/\_
  14. by   TinyNurse2be

    I actually attend Utica ASDN and I can answer a lot of questions for you if need be.

    First semester, you will attend a class lecture and lab for NUR 326 (Health Assessment) and NUR 321 (foundations of nursing). These are the classes you really want to focus on. In NUR 321 (foundations) there will be a lecture (both online and in class), lab (in class), and clinical portion. You must pass ALL three parts with at least a C + or 77% to move on. You may only repeat one course in the entirety of the program.

    NUR 321 also requires you to perform "competencies" in front of an instructor. These are things like injections, wound care, and hanging IV and IVP. These are the things that you are going to need to come to the site and practice on your own time.

    The other classes you will take which are fully online would be Care of Populations and Communities, which has a "clinical portion" of which you will pick a community near you and observe and write discussion posts for ~8 weeks.

    Socialization to Professional Nursing- which simply requires a couple essays, a powerpoint, and discussions

    Pathophysiology- entire class is online, exams and quizzes are not proctored.

    I hope this helps, if anyone has any other questions, please let me know.