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Has anyone already done their practicum for the MSN program with University of Phoenix?... Read More

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    so how did things work out for you?

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    I know what you mean I wanted to do my practicum on developing an internet based diabetes education program for our clinic but could not as to evaluate it there would have been patient involvement.
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    No, your instructor will not look for her. I did my MSN at UOP online and I have a very nice Practicum B instructor. When you are on this course, make sure that you have all your evidence and other paper works ready because the course is only two weeks and it runs so fast
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    Springsong, I also did my MSN with UOP and agree you need to have Practicum A completed before starting Practicum B. I have as I am sure you have read some negatives about doing the practicum i.e you could fake having a mentor etc. The bottom line is who is to say while UOP might not check up on one student they will not the next. Besides we are suppose to be professional adults and I believe this is the assumption UOP goes with and we will follow the rules as such.
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    Is the practicum by team or individual when you do research?
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    The practicum is completely individual.
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    Quote from ResearchNurseRNCCRC
    The practicum is completely individual.
    Wow... Really? But you get to have some help with the professors right? I'm just curious about this because I'm on my 2nd class for MSN already in UoP.
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    In the MSN practicum you do get a fair amount of feedback during Part A when you are developing your Learning Contract as this has to be approved in order for you to proceed to actually doing your practicum but when it comes to actually doing the practicum you are on your own. From experience the actual development of the Learning Contract ie wording etc. was probably harder than the doig the practicum. I will send you a personal email.
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    Hi dlynn0366,
    Thanks for your input about NUR590 Practicum B, I am currently taking the class, my question in submitting the Evidence of accomplishment, when I mentioned discussion between my mentor and resource person do I need to provide a separate sheet about the discussion and let them signed as electronic signature. Thanks
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    It's been a while since anyone posted here. I'd really like to hear from some current UoP students who have recently completed 590A&B. What were your topics? How did you and your mentor decide what you would do? Thanks for the help.

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