University of Phoenix LPN TO BSN CA applicatns FOR 2012 - page 2

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody has attended to the LPN/BSN program for UOP in California. If so, how difficult or hard is to get accepted in to the program? How long does it take to complete the program? how many days... Read More

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    Thanks for the update! I guess we have to wait a bit longer than expected, hopefully we all get good news though!

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    Has anyone hear anything from UOP yet? I do anxious and this wait keeling me softly!
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    No response yet. I'm hoping today they'll email or call.. wonder if they call all the people or just the ones who got in? anyways.. can u guys update me either way
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    Hello everyone I received a response from UOP and I was selected as an alternate only... It sucks!
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    I'm sorry.. hopefully next semster then??? how did they respond to you? by email or call.. I still haven't heard anything from them.
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    did you ever hear anything back from UOP as of today?
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    did UOP say that you will be first though when the next cohart starts?
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    nothing so far, so I'm assuming I didn't get in.. I'll just try again next semester I guess
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    have you heard from them?
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    I haven't heard anything either. I really hope we do tomorrow. I would assume though that we would get something either way telling us. Do you even know when this semester starts or when the next one does?

    Keep me posted if you do hear anything and I will let you know as well.


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