Umass Worcester fall 2018 GEP

  1. Hi,
    I applied in September for the GEP/FNP program I wanted to know if anyone got an interview yet?
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  3. by   FinallyANurse89
    Hi! I'm glad you started this thread! I haven't heard anything about an interview. I know last year people were accepted early! I just submitted my application last week!
  4. by   NurseJeffreyMA
    Hi everyone! Any updates? I know last year around this time people were accepted!
  5. by   mma22664
    The application deadline is Dec 1 and people are already getting accepted?
  6. by   kevinm23
    Does anyone know how much the whole program is going to cost?
  7. by   mma22664
    Is there a separate cost of applying on NursingCAS? The total cost of applying to UMass is around $135?
  8. by   ar1234
    Hey guys! I'm glad you all got this thread started, now that application season is in full swing. Mma22664, yeah I think the application ends up being around $135 total because we have to pay for both the NursingCAS fee and the UMass fee.

    BUT this program is much less expensive than others! I think the first year is the most expensive, but it decreases every year. And I'm pretty sure you get to work as an RN after the first year, so I would assume that would also help in terms of income? They have some info about this on their website: Tuition and Financial Information

    I love this program, particularly because of the small class size, resources, and the faculty seem great! What pros/cons are you guys considering?
  9. by   NPToBe527
    Hi everyone!

    I'm a current UMass GEP student, just started in August. I'm happy to answer any questions about the application process/starting the program. Throw them my way! Best of luck through the whole application process, trust me, I have felt your pain!