Straighterline Science Courses:

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    Is there in any planning on taking A & P I and II with strighterline soon. I am planningon taking it and was wondering if I could find someone that we can study together. I have to make an A so I want to get all the help I can find. Thanks!
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    Make certain that the course is acceptable to your school. Not all schools accept ACE credits for sciences. I know Excelsior will not accept Straigterline credits for core courses as of October 2012.
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    Hi! I am looking at taking the A&P and Micro classes at Straighterline (which are accepted classes at WGU.) I was wondering if you has spoken with anyone else and had any idea how long it takes the average person to complete those courses? I saw someone on her said that they took the entire course in 4 days! I would definitely not do as well as I need to in 4 days, but one month would be great if it is doable. I would love to hear any thoughts on that. Thanks!
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    Google degreeforum they have a lot of info on these classes.
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    Does anyone have any experiences transferinformation these courses..... specifically a&p 2 to community colleges?????

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