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SBU NURSING APPLICANTS FOR FALL 2017 Hey guys! I've decided to start this thread for all applicants. I know it's a bit early but I'm hoping we can all help each other! Last year I applied for the... Read More

  1. by   DivaliciousMe85
    Double post.
  2. by   DivaliciousMe85
    Quote from ms61211
    So my app is officially on solar. I didn't realize you just use the same solar account when you are already a SBU undergrad. It says everything was received (even my SBU official transcript). I also took classes at SCCC for which it says my official transcript has not been received but I was under the impression that you only needed to send official records upon admission to the program. Can anyone verify this?

    Dani- what do you mean by dosage questions?
    You are correct. Official transcripts are only submitted if you are offered admission. Unofficial transcripts that were uploaded to the application are all they need for the application process itself.
  3. by   jesssaying
    I just received my SOLAR login today and all it's saying is that my fee and 3 letters of recommendation are received. It says nothing about unofficial transcripts or essay being received. Should I be worried?
  4. by   ms61211
    Thank you!
  5. by   MissMM22
    Does anyone know how long it usually takes to hear back for an interview after receiving our solar log in? Are they going to call or notify us via email?

  6. by   sublee
    Hi everyone, I submitted my app a little over a week ago and got my solar id this morning.
  7. by   elisax0
    I'm so nervous! My gpa at Pitt was a 3.0 and at SUNY orange it's a 3.8. I've held multiple executive board positions - within my sorority, Panhellenic Judicial Board, I was a director of the largest student run philanthropy organization on campus (raised over $200,000 for the children's miracle network), and I helped start an annual event where we collect non perishable food items for the Pitt pantry (so students who can't afford to grocery shop have some resources to get food), the Greek week board (organized blood drives on campus), be the match (helped encourage people to swab their cheeks so that they are identified as a potential bone marrow donor match), safe smart dating (group leader), GAMMA (educated people on making smart decisions about alcohol), and several others. I also volunteered at the children's hospital of Pittsburgh, family house, soup kitchens, cleaning the Pittsburgh community, and at the boys and girls club. I also participated in and helped run many seminars and workshops dealing with mental health, stress relief, helping combat sexual assault on campus, and identifying dating abuse. I also got 5 LoR - one from an employer, two from teachers, and 2 from healthcare professionals. i also submitted my essay AND a personal statement. I hope I have enough, I really want to go here.
  8. by   Chellojoly
    I'm just waiting for my acceptance letter. Staying positive, hope to see you all. Good luck
  9. by   Chellojoly
    Hey guys if you recieve a solar does that mean you get a chance for interview ?or is it that every applicant get a solar log in
  10. by   MissMM22
    I don't think so
  11. by   DivaliciousMe85
    Quote from Chellojoly
    Hey guys if you recieve a solar does that mean you get a chance for interview ?or is it that every applicant get a solar log in
    Every applicant receives a solar login.
  12. by   mlsml94
    Hi all, i'm also waiting for letter from sbu. Do we get notice to schedule the date for interview via email or SOLAR? My heart jumps everytime my phone rings for email alert
  13. by   elisax0
    lol same! i talked to some people, they said we won't know until the end of feb. about interviews.