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Hi everyone! i will be starting West Coast University January 2014, in Dallas texas. I will be moving from California to Texas. Nervous and excited :) any tips about that school? classes, teachers, studying tips, meeting new... Read More

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    dedrid, I got your pm but it wont let me reply (not enough activity I guess). Can I contact you via email?

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    I got it! not sure! Yes, I think you have to have so many post to pm. I will pm my email!
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    I am sure they may have a couple of spots for January, I would get your finacial aid in order if you want to get in! Are you transfer in credits?
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    I will be starting the January 2014 term at WCU Dallas also!! So excited!!!
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    Hello everyone, just curious. For the students who are already enrolled, please do tell. How is the program going for you so far? Did you get accepted and how long before you graduate. I wish everyone luck with the program.
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    Where are you in the process of applying? Are you starting soon, or just thinking about it? Sorry, I am just getting around to responding to you last week was Finals so now on term break. The program is very, very, accelerated at WCU. If you have any other life event crisis or family matters I suggest you to take care of them before starting. When you start the pace is fast and your focus should just be on school or you will fall behind. If you have kids make sure you have extra help with them so you can focus, if you work make sure you work under 20 hrs a week. I was accepted as well as others and I don't graduate until Sp/15. When your accepted you are in the nursing program unless you have to take other courses that didn't transfer. Have you taken pathophysiology? The staff, and faculty are willing to work with you here however, yo must put in the effort. You go to school about 3 days a week. The program is going well and some others that started are doing well. I hope I answered your questions, feel free to pm if you like.
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    Yes I was thinking of applying but was a little afraid of the hefty school loan that I'll be stuck with after completing the program. I am supposed to be going in to speak with someone about the program pretty soon and was just wondering about others experience at WCU. I can understand completely about having support before starting the program, makes plenty of sense.
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    I do agree with you the fees and the hefty price is a bank breaker! On the other hand it depends how long you want to wait and spend time not going forward with your degree and play the waiting game. I suggest you look at other programs and see if you may have a chance, I will tell you this WCU is a very good Nursing School and they have a very supportive group and will help you to meet your goals if you put forth a big effort. I decided to go here due not only cost but the schedule it works well with my job. I had fears to my kids because this past term I had afternoon classes and I had to arrange for my kids to be picked up and change up my work schedule. I suggest you to go visit the school and you will get more of an idea of how the program works. I will try to pm you more details if possible.
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    I am scheduled to go to an info session on April 18. I am a little hesitant due to costs but am tired of waiting for a point system to work for me. And it is a BSN so that makes it better. I have all my support and pre-req's finished. Can anyone tell me what kind of schedule I will be looking at each term? Thanks for your help!
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    The cost is very expensive, however if you have been doing the waiting game and want to finish to a BSN then WCU is the place for you. I was worried about the loan as well but everything worked out and I pay monthly installments and most students do. I didn't want to pay that much but I can't wait for my hair to get grayer plus I have a daughter that is going to go to college in a year! Have you finished patho? What did they say would be your 1st classes that depends on your schedule! Plan on to be there for classes 3 days a week 1/2 day and if you have clinicals that and extra day! You will have 2 classes and a lab plus clinicals! Some people work but they do discourage it!!! If you do work try to work less than 20 because you are going to need the rest of your days to study!!! or you will fall behind.
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