Regis University's Accelerated BSN Jan 2014 Applicants - page 4

I wanted to start a topic for those applying to Regis' absn program with the January 2014 start. Since the June 15th application deadline is fast approaching, lets keep one another up to date on when... Read More

  1. by   friendlykeano
    "whereisdarla" are you sure Regis accepts the ethics course from Rio Salado?
    i was looking at their pre-requisite acceptance colleges and Rio Salado wasn't on their
  2. by   whereisdarla
    Hi friendlykeano,
    I confirmed that HCR 210 was acceptable with S. Sp... (Can't put full names on this board).
  3. by   nvck1
    Any alternates out there hear anything yet? So far, silence on my end.
  4. by   nursingschool76
    Congratulations! I received an acceptance letter via email today but am a little concerned because I was never called up for an interview. Does anyone know if this is possible? I was thrilled with the news but don't want to get too excited yet because I think everyone must interview, right? Has anyone ever received a false letter of acceptance?
  5. by   whereisdarla
    Congratulations! There were no interviews for Regis for the Spring 2014 Accelerated option.
  6. by   nursingschool76
    Whereisdarla, thank you so much for your message! I was a little stressed out all weekend about the interview question so your comment helped relieve that. Thanks again!! Best wishes
  7. by   nvck1
    Congrats!! I just received my acceptance letter via e-mail yesterday. Really excited!
  8. by   kerleigh722
    Congratulations, ya'll!

    I started this past May so I'm sure I'll be mentoring one of you in the near future! Congrats, I know how it feels to finally be IN!

    Best of luck!
  9. by   nvck1
    Hi kerleigh,

    Quick question for you about books. The bookstore has a few recommended (but not required) items. Did you purchase them all? Were the recommended items helful? Is it worth it to buy vs. rent? Any additional insight would be great. Thanks!
  10. by   kerleigh722
    I did not get the recommended books... you won't have time to use them.
    I honestly didn't even get them ALL. some people shared an account for an e-book (pretty smart idea) but I personally rented most of mine except I kept health assessment and med surg.
    We actually had the class before us sell us their books so I'm surprised we haven't received any information on how to do that for ya'll... cause I have a few I was going to sell to the upcoming classes!