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Regis University Accelerated BSN May 2014

  1. 0 Since the deadline for the May 2014 Accelerated BSN at Regis in Denver is fast approaching, I thought that I would start a discussion board for those of us who are applying. This will help us keep in touch and check the progress of the application process.

    The final deadline through Nursing CAS is Septmber 15th and I am wondering if anyone out there has submitted, what your thoughts are, what you know about the program, etc.

    I can't wait to start chatting with fellow soon-to-be RN's.
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    I recently completed and submitted my application for the May 2014 start at Regis via NursingCAS, and am so excited! This might be a stupid question, but if you are looking to apply for financial aid, would you start filling out the FAFSA now or wait until acceptance? It's been a while since undergrad so I'm not sure how to go about this in terms of the best order of things.
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    Also, has anyone heard anything about interviews for the May 2014 start? I read inside of another recent discussion thread on this site that Regis would no longer be doing interviews, and that decisions would be issued 6-8 weeks following the September 15 deadline.
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    Regis did not conduct interviews for the ABSN January 2014 class, which I think was a last minute decision as most applicants were still expecting interviews. I have not heard anything about the May cohort and interviews. Interesting though that the Nusing CAS website has the Regis application for May 2014 listed as due 12/15/2013. Is that a change?
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    The current FAFSA period is still for 2013-2014 I think so you might want to wait until after aceeptance. I know that Regis has a great finanical aid dept that can be of some help too.
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    I applied and just got an email saying my application had been verified by NursingCAS and received by Regis. I am on the waitlist for UCAN Jan 2014, but am excited about the Regis program as well.
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    I also received an email from Regis that my application was received and verified by NursingCAS. Best of luck!
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    I also noticed that the application deadline changed to 12/15/13. I noticed this inside of NursingCAS a few weeks after I submitted my application, however. I read in the verification email from Regis that the "priority deadline" was September 15. I didn't know there was a later deadline, but am glad I am done with that anyway!
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    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum. I also applied fortune May14' start. Anxiously awaiting for feed back from Regis I by late November we should know the results. Good luck to those that applied. Just to be curious. How much previous healthcare experience does everyone else have? I worked in a hospital as an ER Tech for 2 yrs before applying..
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    10 years as a MA and now in hospital administration.
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    Yay! I got accepted!!! I don't know what to do! I also got accepted to George washinton u, & deposit for regis is due November 8th...
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    yay! i got accepted also!!