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This is my second time around in applying to Regis and got asked to interview in a week and a half. Was wondering if anyone else is in the boat with me??? My interview is on July 28th. I would love to hear input from everyone... Read More

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    I think you can look it up at the online bookstore on It looks like it "medical ethics" by pence

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    Quote from Katie873
    I think you can look it up at the online bookstore on It looks like it "medical ethics" by pence
    Got it! Thanks!

    Medical Ethics: Accounts of Ground-Breaking Cases

    Author: Pence
    Edition: 6th
    Print ISBN: 9780073407494
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    I have a quick question. Have any of you heard of the accelerated program at University of New England in Portland, Maine? If so, can you give me any info? Thanks
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    Does anyone know how the alternate list works in more detail? I know we are not ranked and will be reevaluated. I am really wondering if they will tell us a few spots up and then email if we got it or just that we are being offered a spot?
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    Jamie said that we are reevaluated and she will email us if we are offered a spot.
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    Does anybody know if anyone has turned Regis down yet?? I'm so anxious, and this wait is killing me!
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    One person on this blog turned it down. That person got accepted to UC Denver and Regis and decided to go with UC Denver. Other than that I dont know.
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    I just got accepted off the alternate list today so it is starting fellow alternates. Good Luck!
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    Congrats Graceful88,

    Do you know any other information in regards to how many spots opened up?
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    No sorry I am not sure how many others jamie just emailed me saying I was in with an attached acceptance letter. I am sure there must be more spots not just the one. Good luck SON14

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