Regis Spring 2012 (as well as CU and Metro) - page 10

This is my second time around in applying to Regis and got asked to interview in a week and a half. Was wondering if anyone else is in the boat with me??? My interview is on July 28th. I would... Read More

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    When did the emails get sent out?

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    I received both emails yesterday In the afternoon.
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    Son14 are you instate or out of state?
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    I'm from California.
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    Quote from ElephantNurse<3
    Hi! So I still haven't received my letter, but I had a question for all of you... if you were accepted did you have all prereqs done? Or are any of you still working on them and if so how many?
    I had all my prereqs done except for health care ethics. Hope that helps.
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    Did anyone get an actual paper response yet?
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    I havent
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    I got my paper acceptance letter today, and I am in Colorado. I got my email letter yesterday at noon. I have Health Care Ethics and one other class left for this Fall.
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    Does anyone know the title of the text for Health Care Ethics (HCE 430)?
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    Quote from Katie873
    Did anyone get an actual paper response yet?
    I got mine yesterday

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