Regis Program Summer 2012 Interviews - page 6

Hi! Has anyone heard from Regis University yet for interviews for the Summer 2012 Cohort? I know they said it would probably be about 4-6 weeks after the Sept. 1 application deadline. Just... Read More

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    Thanks for the CNA class advice, everyone. Medicinelover44, I'm not a previous applicant.

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    i received my undergrad from regis a couple of years ago and finally was able to get my login/pass for the site (i forgot). i just went into applicant status and it says “accepted conditionally”! i’m ecstatic about the accepted part but not sure what “conditionally” means?
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    CONGRATS!!! I think the conditionally means pending any pre req's ect. but so happy for you!
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    So we can only login to webadvisor if we went there or are a previous applicant??
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    That's what I'm assuming! I had to talk to their technical person because I forgot my login/pass but was obviously able to login after that! Some of the other applicants for the Jan 2012 group were able to get in as well?
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    That's amazing! Congratulations!!!!!
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    Thank you!!!
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    has anyone in CO received a letter yet?
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    Got my letter today! I am in! Whew! I can breathe finally...
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    Congratulations failtoprogress!

    I received my letter in the mail today! Yeah!!!
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