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Hi! Has anyone heard from Regis University yet for interviews for the Summer 2012 Cohort? I know they said it would probably be about 4-6 weeks after the Sept. 1 application deadline. Just wondering?? I'm super nervous... Read More

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    OMG! Do any of you live in CO?? Please let us know the minute you receive your letter. I'm dying! I don't think I will get mine until at least next week due to the mail forwarding. GRRRRRRRRRR. Good luck everyone.

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    I live in Colorado, I will be sure to post when I hear from them. I hope its good news. Lizgg where else have you applied?
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    I have applied to UC Denver as well. How about you? If I don't get into either one for the accelerated, I will apply to Regis for the traditional. You don't know how much that program would run do you? Also, does anyone out there know a wonderful CNA program in Denver or the surrounding area?
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    I took my CNA in Fort Collins through Columbine Health Systems. it was 2 weeks long and was amazing. But I applied to University of Southern Maine. I was going to apply to UC Denver but was to keen about their program. I really like Regis' program. If i dont get into the two I applied to I will be applying to a school in memphis, TN and a couple in alabama.
    I know regis runs about 40,00 for the accelerate program, so if the traditional is two years- its probably going to be about double that. they have how many credits long each program is along with how much it costs per credit hour. it adds up pretty quickly.
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    Nice I bet your CNA was a major plus on your application!
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    I hope so! I loved working as a CNA so if I dont get into a BSN program Im going to go back to that until I get in.
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    Ugh, it wasn't in today's mail (in Denver).
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    Not in my mail either! darn!

    Lizgg- I took my CNA course at Red Rocks Community College with a lady named Susan Gitter who is a nurse practitioner! She was wonderful!!!! I took the accelerated course and completed it in 2.5 weeks. So if you go that route try to get in with her!
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    What!! So annoying you havent gotten it and you are in Denver... Def won't get it in Washington then :/
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    are any of you previous applicants?

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