1. Hello!

    I am applying for RCC's ADN program and would love to meet others applying. Where in the process are you?
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  3. by   MoniqueS9
    I am also applying for RCC Fall 2018! Mind me asking what your points look like// score on TEAS? I took my TEAS today and got a 78.7%. Which is lower than I anticipated- but It was definitely hard haha.
  4. by   MoniqueS9
    Oh- I wanted to take my TEAS before applying, So I will be submitting my application it next week!
  5. by   FutureRN3377
    I am not 100% sure on my calculations and how accurate they are. I want to go talk to a counselor or go to the workshop. I got 87.3% on my TEAS yesterday and I have a BA. How are you looking?
  6. by   MoniqueS9
    Not as good as you are looking :-P I do not have a BA... and my AA counts for nothing at RCC. Bummer. I think I have 69 points total. Im like you, Im not sure how its all calculated. Are you applying at others? Im applying for Chaffey and Glendale as well. And If I can get a spot to take the HESI (the spots filled up QUICK!) - I will apply for Mt Sac also!
  7. by   FutureRN3377
    I am applying to Cerritos, lbcc, rcc, golden west, csulb...I'm literally applying wherever I qualify its my first time applying to programs so I'm so nervous!

    Have you gone to the information sessions/workshop?
  8. by   MoniqueS9
    Nice! I made the mistake of only applying for one last time. Big mistake haha. I have been to two info meetings so far (Chaffey and Mt Sac) and I am going to RCC on the 24th, and Glendale on the 1st! hoping to just ensure I am submitting my applications all properly//that I have all the materials they want me to include! I debated on Long Beach- but its so far from me! Im in Chino.
  9. by   FutureRN3377
    I'm going to the 24th one also! See you there
  10. by   Jenny92316
    I just emailed my application today. I'm also applying to Chaffey. I haven't taken my TEAS test, but I was told I didn't need it to apply (not yet). Is that correct?

    Btw, I have no idea how many points I have. I have all of my prerequisites done and a 3.81 overall GPA.
  11. by   FutureRN3377
    Me too! About an hour ago did you attend the info session? They separate science gpa from the GE gpa..look at the PowerPoint on the site and it's really easy to calculate