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Anyone know if the GCU nursing program is ok? Good teachers? Accredited? I know it's expensive and they were financially strapped as of Jan '04, but supposedly that's behind them.... Read More

  1. by   jennysummerbee
    wow, so many things to catch up with.

    1. I am not a GCU sale staff (or representative). I have graduated there in nursing.

    2. CardiacRN2006... you can laugh as much as you want but I just felt that your previous posts (ever since 2006) showed so much bitter toward this school. I haven't looked at your replies to other schools but maybe that's just your personality....

    3. Multicollinearity... Well, like I said before.. everybody has pride in their nursing schools so please don't take it in negative ways. Also, the link that you put about the ranks of school.. I am sure you know this but the ranks will vary depends on which program/schools you look at. Example, U of A's business school maybe top in the state but ASU may have better Psychology program.. etc, etc. So, if you find the rank of nursing programs.. please share :-)

    4. My purpose of this post is that all the readers should know both sides when they open this link. I just felt like I needed to verify some statements that were made here.

    Thanks! =) Go 'Lopes!!!
  2. by   Multicollinearity
    Quote from MTTMPE
    GCU is a private school. Not a state school. Try to rank it under private school. Wow!!
    The US News and World Report rankings I referenced includes private schools. The number one university in this list is a private school. GCU (undergrad, university as a whole) just isn't ranked at all.
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  3. by   Multicollinearity
    I found rankings for graduate school nursing programs:


    State specific:


    The University of Arizona is scores at 26 in the nation. Grand Canyon University comes in near the end at 250.
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    Quote from jennysummerbee
    3. Multicollinearity... Well, like I said before.. everybody has pride in their nursing schools so please don't take it in negative ways. Also, the link that you put about the ranks of school.. I am sure you know this but the ranks will vary depends on which program/schools you look at. Example, U of A's business school maybe top in the state but ASU may have better Psychology program.. etc, etc. So, if you find the rank of nursing programs.. please share :-)
    I'm not finding undergrad program rankings. I could only find university-as-a-whole rankings for undergrad and graduate school program rankings. At this point, though, I'm tired of all the ranking business.

    It's great to have pride in your college or university. It's quite another thing to post that your program is "the best in the state" when evidence shows it is not. (Another member posted this, not you.)

    We can't all be #1. To boot, the poster said GCU new grads will get jobs over grads from some other programs. That statement deserved to be refuted and refuted strongly.
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  5. by   determined 2succeed
    Quote from multicollinearity
    As I said before, GCU is a perfectly respectable school. Some of us here on the board were addressing some of the absurd statements like it's the best nursing program in the state and that a BSN is always > than an ADN. GCU is the best program in the state only in the same way Liberty University is "better" than Yale.

    Why do I get the impression that some GCU sales staff (aka representatives) are here, and not nursing students?

    Ya know... It's sure funny that you say that. Before being accepted into nursing school I worked at a local consumer loan finance company for the past 8 years. MANY of my former coworkers have taken recruiting positions at GCU when layoffs and closings of our branches occurred over the past year. If you don't have "sales" experience, applicants need not apply for a recruiting position at GCU. NONE of my former coworkers have any enrollment or advisement experience other than being the student themselves.

    Now, on the other hand - there have been at least 3 people I've known that attended & graduated from GCU with their BSN. One was way back in 2000 before the changes that were made. All 3 are successful nurses in their own right because they made it happen. Put a crappy student at a good school and their probability of success is miniscule. Place a great, hard working student at a below average school and they just might succeed - but it is solely up to the student doing the work.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about which school is better (aka a peeing contest) but I personally like that everyone on these boards has a different opinion. Anything that I don't agree with, I take with a grain of salt and move on to a post that I DO agree with.

    What's that saying "Share our similarities, celebrate our differences"?
  6. by   RNGrad2006

    I work at St Joes and have found excellent and prepared students coming from both ASU and GCU. We have a lot of adjunct faculty that work between GCU and St Joes and think that might have something to do with it. I don't know how the rankings are determined but think that perhaps that those who are determining the ranking may be influenced by the fact that GCU has religious affiliation. Like you said I take it with a grain of salt. And when it comes down to it I have never seen a hiring manager decide on a person based on the school they attended. Do you have a license is a much greater determination as well as having a BSN. My manager seems proud of the fact of the high ratio of BSN nurses that work on our floor. I think it is something like 80%. So take heart. As far as what I have experienced from the students that do clinicals on our floor, GCU puts out good nurses. And when it comes down to it that is what makes for a good nurse is someone that can translate into the real world.
  7. by   CateJohnson
    Hi I am new... About school in Arizona, anymore you can have the best grade, and work hard but unless there is a school that is willing to let you in all your hard work is a waste. A school doesn't make you a better student, you make yourself a better student. I am not a religious person however, I took the courses to be able to apply to GCU. I took them at Rio and they were the easiest A i have ever had. Anyways I think that no matter what a school is ranked it is up to the person to make the best of what they want to be. I would rather go to a school and bypass my RN and gain my BSN without a two to three year wait. I am not getting any younger and the economy wont be getting any better any time soon. So in all facts if a school is willing to not have a wait list and pick from to top choices more power to them. I would rather take my chances at a so-so school and work my butt off to learn all I need to and become a well rounded nurse then wait two to three years for a "top school" to finally call me... Am I wrong???
  8. by   BlondieRN09
    Quote from multicollinearity
    Personally, I don't care too much about these rankings. I know that an excellent education can occur in small, little-known places. But these rankings are relevant when someone claims GCU is so elite, "the best" etc., here in AZ.
    I graduated from GCU's BSN program, and I can honestly say that I learned what I did, I passed my boards on ethe 1st attempt, and I got the job I have all because of my own efforts and because of the help of my study group. I agree that saying that GCU is "the best" and far above the rest of the AZ nursing programs is far from the truth. Based on my experiences with the entire program, I don't think I could recommend it to anyone... and that's all I'll say
  9. by   BSN_BOUND
    Hi BlondieRN09,
    Why would you not recommend this school?? The only reason I ask is because I'm waiting to hear if I got accepted for the Spring semester. Please share. You can reply to me personally if you want.
  10. by   CateJohnson
    Hi i am wondering the same thing I applied for May 2012 fast track program. What happen to make you say you would recommend this school?
  11. by   lindsay176
    The nursing program at GCU is wonderful! I am currently a sophomore there and have many friends in the program! Here's the thing:
    There is no waiting list!
    It is NOT as competitive as ASU, U of A, or NAU!!!
    The avg, gpa of applicants is a 3.4 ish compared to a 3.8 for ASU and U of A
    You get your BSN as opposed to RN

    At a community college, have fun with wait lists (some are 1.5 to 2 years) and on top of that, you only get your RN, not your BSN. So you can add ANOTHER 1 to 2 years on top of all this to get your BSN.

    GCU is pretty expensive but you are going to waste more time (and money) waiting to get into programs elsewhere.

    Just my advice as a student that goes to the school & knows people in and out of the program.

    Feel free to ask any questions!
  12. by   RNGrad2006
    Quote from cardiacRN2006
    BTW, GCU had a 77% pass rate for 2008.
    Best in the state....I think not.

    12 other schools had higher pass rates, with 7 of them being CCs.
    I went to a CC like the time we graduated they had weeded out anyone that was deemed not to pass NCLEX in order to keep accreditation. So therefore they do have a great NCLEX pass rate. Does that make it a better school? I think not. There are good and bad aspects in any school but I truly feel that the true learning begins on the job. And hopefully you have the framework from nursing school and some great mentors to help you get established.
  13. by   preemie1982
    I'm intersted in the fast-track BSN program at GCU. I did all the paperwork and background check and am looking to start in "block 2" in spring, since I have coursework of "block 1" that I want to transfer in. I was told by the dean that I have to do a math test and a simulation lab in order to transfer in as advanced placement? Does anyone have any advice or who is in the program right now that can tell me how the program is?

    I would be starting in Spring 2010 at JCL. Thanks!