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Anyone know if the GCU nursing program is ok? Good teachers? Accredited? I know it's expensive and they were financially strapped as of Jan '04, but supposedly that's behind them.... Read More

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    Quote from dreamer81
    I just called an 800 number for GCU and the rep said he believes there is a wait list for the RN program. I sure hope there isn't because I really want to apply there next semester. Or are you saying there is not a wait list for the accelerated program? I need to finish a few more pre-reqs according to their list, but I can finish in 2 semesters and then apply to the least that's what i think. But I don't want to waste my time if there is a wait list. Is it really competitive to get in??? Also, where exactly is GCU located? Phoenix area?
    I'm not sure about the traditional BSN program, but the accelerated, 20-month program does not have a wait list. They even have billboards all over the Phoenix area advertising this. The main campus is in Phoenix, but there is also a Tucson nursing campus, and classes for the students in the St. Joseph's program are at St. Joseph's. That said, they have nursing classes in several places. The Tucson program isn't as competitive as the Phoenix programs simply because they do not advertise it so not as many people know about the program.

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    Thanks. So, for the accelerated program I would pretty much have to be finished with every single class on the list, except of course the nursing courses? On their website it has a list of "Nursing Pre-req's", and then a list of "Remaining Graduation Requirements" <------ that includes HIS107, PSY363, PHI329, and UNV200. If thats the case it's going to take another year to complete those and then I can apply for the accelerated, i'm assuming. The accelerated is not online, is it? My tribe will not pay for online courses. They have to be in person.
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    Here is the link to the academic catalog for the on-campus BSN program: Is this what you were looking at? I'm not familiar with UNV200 - if it is the University Success class, you do not have to take that class if you transfer more than 24 credits to GCU. Some of the other classes are also waived if you have an Associate's degree (at least that was the case in 2007 when I admitted to the program).

    But yes, you do have to have all the non-nursing classes completed prior to actually starting the program. However, if you have all your core pre-reqs done (Bio, Anatomy & Physiology, Micro, Chem, etc) before you apply, you can finish the other needed pre-reqs between when you apply and when you actually start.

    Yes, the program is in person - not online.

    Are you in the Tucson area? If so, I can give you the contact name/number for the person that can give you all the info.
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    Well, I think I just my contact the school tomorrow and meet with an advisor sometime soon. It's starting to sound like the best route for me, especially if I can get into the accelerated program! Thanks for all the info!
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    I would like the contact information for the Tucson campus. I want to do the fast track program but in Tucson. thank you for your help.
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    NursingStudent14....this is from a previous post on a different thread:

    Try: 520-358-3739. for help/info.

    I hope that helps you! if not, let me know i can give you the contact for phoenix and maybe they can redirect you.
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    Hey DREAMER 81
    sorry it took so long for me to get back to you.

    I will be honest the only bad part about GCU is that a lot of the advisors and other support staff are students and have no idea about the nursing program. There is no waiting list, it goes based off pre reqs and GPA and refreshes each time. It can be competitive depending on when you apply, and for which program. The accelerated usually has less applicants since you must be done with all pre-reqs. (which I recommend finishing them before starting anyway). The traditional on campus is more competitive (more applicants), but if you apply earlier your chances are pretty good. I think a B average would be okay if you apply ealy, if you wait til last minute, you will want like 3.5 or more (these are just guesses on my part, dont hve actual stats). Since the school is more costly than the commmunity college they will work really hard to find you a spot(hence get your tutition), and are honest with you about what you need to do to get in. They are the most friendly school, I have ever been to.
    GCU is located of the I-17 on camelback road in Phoenix. However the acclerated program meets at which ever hospital you are affiliated with (st. joes or JCL). Hope this helps and good luck!
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    I am looking to attend and found this thread.

    And I would be taking and RN-BSN program (if I even choose nursing for my BS). I want to get a complete education and a good, well respected school.

    And that 'aint GCU.

    You are the only person I've seen in all of these boards to really say anything negative towards this school... did you attend GCU and have a bad experience with them?

    Everything I have been able to research would indicate otherwise. I am really leaning towards it after what people have said on here, including ex-faculty and graduates.

    If you have never attended the school and are arguing against applying solely on your relgious beliefs, that would (for me, anyway) really diminish the strength of your argument. Most of the religious garbage (yes, I think it's garbage too) seems to be a non-issue from multiple sources here.

    I just want to make sure me applying is not a mistake. But the overwhelming majority of opinion on here is that it is a very reputable school both from practicing medical professionals that work with GCU grads and grads themselves.
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    Keep in mind Grand Canyon comes from a baptist backround as it is now, it's still a PRIVATE CHRISTIAN school, I think it's bogus to complain about the "religious requirements"!
    I have several friend's who graduated from their BSN program they all have very good jobs and have said nothing but good things about the education they received. However because Grand Canyon is a private university you will pay more than in a public funded university. It all comes down to preference, if you don't agree with the theology you don't have to attend the school. Plain and simple.
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    Just to clarify the above post wasn't directed at "one specific person" just toward the "religious complaint" in general.

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