Nova Southeastern University BSN Entry Level Fall 2017

  1. I noticed there wasn't a article for this so I decided to make one. I applied early toward the end of fall semester in December after final grades were posted and got a interview shortly after. I been so nervous for the past couple of days and I finally received the call 9 days after the interview and I still can't believe it. Anyone out there applying for the fall term?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
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  4. by   disneylove225
    Heyy! Congrats on the interview!!! I applied late December and I still didnt get an email for the interview, are you a student at nova?
    also, did you put recommendation letters?
  5. by   jaiema12
    No I currently go to FAU and was notified by them towards the beginning on January to pick an interview date.
  6. by   jaiema12
    No I just applied on their website and sent my transcripts. I don't think they really look at those.