Nova Southeastern University BSN Entry Level Fall 2017

  1. I noticed there wasn't a article for this so I decided to make one. I applied early toward the end of fall semester in December after final grades were posted and got a interview shortly after. I been so nervous for the past couple of days and I finally received the call 9 days after the interview and I still can't believe it. Anyone out there applying for the fall term?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
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  4. by   disneylove225
    Heyy! Congrats on the interview!!! I applied late December and I still didnt get an email for the interview, are you a student at nova?
    also, did you put recommendation letters?
  5. by   jaiema12
    No I currently go to FAU and was notified by them towards the beginning on January to pick an interview date.
  6. by   jaiema12
    No I just applied on their website and sent my transcripts. I don't think they really look at those.
  7. by   mebricen
    Hi! I have my interview 02/28! I am really excited/nervous!

    How was your interview? the exam? any tips?
  8. by   jaiema12
    Definitely study your anatomy notes because that's what all the science portion is about. Also science is the hardest section at least for me it was. The math is very easy. The interview was the easy part they are really nice and just want to make sure your the right choice.
  9. by   mebricen
    Hi guyssss! I got accepted today! Has anyone else gotten accepted!?
    Should we make a Facebook page for fall 2017?
  10. by   jaiema12
    Yes you should and what campus did you apply for?
  11. by   mebricen
    Davie campus! What about you?
  12. by   jaiema12
    Davie as well. Congratulations
  13. by   VictoriaSTU
    Hello future NSUSharks. Congrats on the acceptance. I also applied for the Davie campus and submitted my transcript from MDC. I did get an email that my application is under review. I also have one classes pending( PSY) prior to starting in the Fall. I am studying for the Kaplan exam just in case I do get an email for an interview. I just wanted to know what to focus more on? I hope to see you all in the fall pretty soon. I will keep you posted... Wish me Luck
  14. by   jaiema12
    Just focus on the science portion it's the hardest. The math was basic and mainly fractions. Don't stress to much about the interview it's not that bad. But good luck