Need info on University of Phoenix Colorado Campus LPN to BSN Program?

  1. I am currently in nursing school right now to become an LPN. After school I wanted to go straight into school to get my BSN. So I've been hearing from my classmates that University of Phoenix offers an LPN-BSN program. I just wanted to know more about it before I talk to admissions there. Is anyone currently in this program or already graduated? If so how was it? I heard it was online and you only attend class once a week? What's an estimate of the tuition? Approximately how long does it take to complete it? And are you able to work while being enrolled in this program or is the workload too much? I'm interested in working while going to school and I was hoping I could work while trying to get my BSN because in the LPN program I am currently in right now I can not work what so ever. The workload is way too much. So any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!! Btw this is the campus in Lone Tree that I'm talking about.
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  3. by   whit850
    I am in a similar situation. I have been an LPN for about a year now and I am looking at doing the LPN to BSN at UOP at the lone tree campus. I would like some more info on the program myself but I can tell you what I know.
    So far I have found that the program costs about 35K depending on how many classes you have to take. if you have a previous associates degree you are looking at 2-2.5 years and if you don't you are looking at 4-4.5 years. It is online with one day of class on Monday nights from 6-10 and then you will have clinical rotations in some of the classes. it is one class at a time and they range from 5-9 weeks depending on what the class is. there are 5 ATI assessment throughout the program which are similar to a HESI exam is what I was told ( I would like to find out more about these myself). The school told me that their NCLEX pass rate was close to 100% march and may 2012 (I would like to know more about this). they offer classes starting every month so it doesn't sound like you have to wait. I was also told that you could work during the program but it can be difficult once clinical start. the program is CCNE accredited. hope this helps. like I said I would love some more feed back from someone who has successful completed the program and passed the NCLEX.
  4. by   SE_BSN_RN
    I just finished the program in July, and passed my boards. It took me 2.5 years to finish the whole program. The whole program is 120 credits, and I brought in about 1/2 of them, because I had originally started taking gen ed classes for my BSN a few years earlier to deciding on if I would do UoP or not. Everyone in my class who has taken their boards so far has passed. Every one that's wanted a job has found a job. I worked full time during the whole program, mainly weekends until I had weekend clinicals, so it is doable to work full time and attend class and clinicals. I don't know about HESI, but ATI is good. Look on Colorado's BON website and it will give you pass rates....right now 2013 is 80%....I am not sure how they calculate that, but we had 10 in our class, and 2 haven't taken their boards yet. The class ahead of me still has 1 student that didn't take their boards yet, but she is in the military so she may have been deployed. Tuition is around 31-34K......if you were to go to UNC in Greeley, their tuition for their 4 year BSN program is 30-40K, so there really isn't much of a difference, except UNC doesn't do LPN-BSN.

    Let me know if you have any other questions, I will be happy to answer them!