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I'm going to Gainsville next week to apply for the ADN program and was wondering if anyone else was looking to do the same. I live in Lewisville, so Gainsville is quite a drive, but I'd be willing... Read More

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    Finally the letters came. Group 1. Clinicals Wednesday!

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    I got my fingerprints done today and was told it will take about 5 business days to get them back and reported.
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    Hello everyone!
    I'm in the final stages of completing the pre-reqs for the BSN pathway, but I have a few questions on some of the courses. According to the degree audit, we are required to take speech, bcis, as well as a physical education course; but these courses are not listed on the nctc nursing page for the bsn pathway. I was just curious if anyone knew/ or have had to take these courses for the program. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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    I have taken those classes but not specifically for the bsn pathway. On my Degree plan it says the classes for bsn pathway are : chem, psych, bio, philosophy/literature, creative arts, hist 1 and 2, govt 1 and 2 and a 2 hr minimum elective.
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    Getting everything done...fingerprints, background checks, immunization records, etc. What I would really like to know is the exact scrub types we will need this year. I've done my reading here, and heard elsewhere over and over that it is Landau in true red for class, and in regards to clinicals, any brand so long as they are all white. Will this hold true for Fall 2013? I'd love to go ahead and get them now, instead of giving myself the short period between orientation and school start. Maybe I'll call up to school tomorrow and find out.

    Is there any reason they didn't include this in the acceptance letter info?
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    I am not sure why they do not include the information. But I do know for a fact that they do not have any plans on changing the required scrubs. True Red by Landau for class days and any brand of whites for clinical - whites cannot have frilly, girly stuff, no empire waists, wrap tops, etc. They must be plain! Hope this helps.
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    I've been busy getting ready for school as well and my new shoes/scrubs came in today I'm at work, but if you give me a while longer, I can look at my degree audit and see what class they took as a phys Ed course. I know I've met the extra criteria for the BSN, but I cannot remember what class they accepted.

    Has any one bought a stethoscope yet? I've been looking at a prestige kit that has the scope and cuff for $35, but I don't want to buy what I don't need.
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    tayshain04, I'm looking at the degree audit that the nursing school sent back to me to sign and there is nothing on there for BCIS, speech or physical education. The classes you need for the BSN are the same ones that cross listed earlier.
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    Last semester I took all accelerated 8 week classes at UTA including sociology, biology and A&P I. I wish I had known about NCTC sooner, because I feel I basically wasted my time. Anyway, when I took the accelerated biology and A&P I, I would say it was full time. I studied at least 30 hours a week - there was no actual class and it was all online.

    I am currently signed up for micro and dev psych at NCTC for a traditional semester. It has been 15 years since I took traditional classes. About how many hours per week did you all devote to a science course like micro at NCTC?
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    I took micro in summer school so I was reading everyday. But in a normal semester, I would say a couple hours a week.
    Dev psych is a lot of reading, but I took it online. I though dev psych was very interesting and you do use it a lot in nursing!

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