National University Cohort 37 January 2014

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    I was just looking for any other applicants to cohort 37 at National University in San Diego. The start for this cycle is January 2014. I just finished all the application steps last week and have been dying to know how other people are feeling about their admission. I'm going to go crazy! My adviser said we would probably not find out until about mid-October, which is so far away! Maybe some other applicants are feeling the same way but I thought that I would check and see. Good luck to everyone and I hope to hear from some people soon!

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    Hi there, I just took my teas test and the essay today. I just got home and i'm already looking this up. I'm so nervous
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    How did you do on your TEAS? I've been nervous since I got done too! How do you feel about your essay? My topic was not what I expected so I hope I did well!
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    Hi! I also applied and I'm also sitting on pins and needles until we find out. I'm super excited though, I am assuming the results should be coming around in November. Anyone think anytime sooner?
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    I did ok on my teas, my essay topic was not what I was expecting either. Something about an interpersonal conflict and how I handled it.
    I have good grades so I hope it evens out somehow otherwise I will have to reapply
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    Yeah I did fairly well on my TEAS, a 88 which I would have liked above a 90 but my adviser said that was a competitive score so I stuck with it. Wow yours sounds harder than mine! Mine was something like how do I see myself contributing to the nursing field.
    I have good grades as well and no retakes of classes so I'm hoping that I get max points for those areas. My adviser said the last cohort found out 2 and a half months before their start date so we should know around mid-October at the earliest. I'm hoping it will be sooner but I doubt it, supposedly they take their time with decisions.
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    I'm considering enrolling in this school. Must you complete your pre-reqs before applying? What is the approximate cost? Do they offer any grants/scholarships?
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    You all are going to do great! I am in cohort 35, starting my pharm class. It's VERY exciting!!! Good luck.
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    Yes you have to complete all pre-reqs before you apply. The cost currently is $39,000, steep but worth it if you're willing to invest in your future as a nurse. I plan to apply for a lot of private scholarships and just hope that I get something. The school offers grants based on your FASFA information, if you qualify for them they will give them to you. They don't offer many scholarships but there are private scholarships out there that you can apply for.
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    Hi, I also applied for cohort 37 and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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