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    Hey everyone, I just received a letter from Nashville State for an interview for nursing. Just wondering if anyone else has gotten a letter or has already been through the interview process. I'm hoping I get accepted for the Fall 2013 nursing program. I'm very anxious!

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    I also got an interview letter for late April. I think they are holding the interviews later than the rest of the schools, so they can review our final grades before accepting anyone. I have applied to 2 other schools, as well. I am just praying to be picked up by any of them. I think anyone that has made it to the point of getting a letter, has probably worked their butt off and deserves it.
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    Oh good! I was curious as to why the interviews are being held so late. I am very excited and nervous. I have really worked my butt off for this! What other schools have you applied to?
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    I haven't gotten a letter and I am quite discouraged. I have a 4.0 and had all my math and sciences completed by December '12. I am taking English and Music Appreciation right now, I thought we didn't have to have all of gen Ed done-just the math and sciences. I am sooo sad right now
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    I have a 3.7 and all I my classes are done. I have not received a letter but I'm not discouraged yet keep your heads up!! I've also heard there will be 2 rounds of interviews again but that's just speculation from some of the instructors I've spoken to.
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    I agree don't be discouraged yet! There is still a chance that you can receive a letter. Both of your GPA's are really good. Have either of you applied anywhere else?
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    I have applied other places but I'm not really interested in them. I know a majority of the clinical instructors at NSCC through working with them at the hospital. I know the extent of their knowledge and their excitement to teach. And NSCCis just so much cheaper and closer to me out here in Ashland City. Everything works out the way it is supposed to though
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    I heard that they are holding the interviews late, so that all of the grades for this semester will be in before they make their final decision. Also, I read that last year the interviews did not go so well, so they sent out letters for more interviews after the first set of interviews were completed. I have a classmate that has a great GPA and is done with all of the pre-req's and she did not get a letter either.
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    Do you know if they accept people after the first interview or if they wait until all interviews are completely done?
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    They are doing 2 rounds of interviews and then they will send out acceptance letters when they have chosen all 50 students plus the waitlist.

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