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Hey everyone, I just received a letter from Nashville State for an interview for nursing. Just wondering if anyone else has gotten a letter or has already been through the interview process. I'm... Read More

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    It is a heavy load! I'm glad it is final week! I bet photography is fun! I would have loved to have had that class! I forgot to ask earlier. How many people were in your interview for the first part before you all went to individual rooms? I'm not sure the exact number in ours but it was probably close to 50 if I could guess.
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    I took A&P II and Sociology. I figured with Sociology, if I do not get in this time, I will start working towards my Bachelors degree. I signed up for English II and Aging Psychology (something like that). Everyone that I knew and did not get picked for the first round, they were missing only 1-2 classes of pre-req's.
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    I think there were 60 that got letters for the second round and 11 did not show. Photography has been great! I need the extra hours for financial aid and it was so worth the extra work! I signed up for a couple history classes for fall just in case I don't get in. But I will be applying to Aquinas for spring if I don't get in here.
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    It's good that you both have back up plans! I learned the hard way that not having one can really hurt you. I hope letters do get sent out this week because I am so ready to just know! However it's not fun being anxious while studying for finals! If anyone receives a letter, please let us know! And again good luck to you all and great job making it to this point!!
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    I applied to Motlow and to Columbia,did not get in to either. If I do not get in at NSCC, I will work all summer on an online class to get an A in A&P I (I got a B the first time) and a 24 on the ACT in June (I got a 23). Hopefully, after all of that, I will be able to get in at Columbia for the Spring. I was upset about being declined for the other programs, but I will need a semester off if I end up going to summer school, BLAAACH!!! But it is what might need to be done. If not, I think I will continue to work towards my Bachelors. Many of my classmates have said that they will work towards an LPN, then bridge to an RN. How do you guys feel about that?
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    I have considered the LPN route first than bridging over. I'm going to try for next fall. If I don't get in ill just do the LPN route than bridge. At least you will get experience as an LPN and be a foot in the door for other jobs.
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    That is my plan if I don't get in this fall. I'm going to go to LPN school in August and do the bridge to RN right after I get done. It sounds like you both have good back up plans!
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    Has anyone heard any more about letters being sent?
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    Besides Tennessee Tech Center who offers an LPN program in TN?
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    I have not heard anything yet Cindymorris82 I am anxiously checking my mailbox everyday! And I don't really know of any other LPN programs in TN. I'm going to the one at Livingston if NSCC does not work out.
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    I just checked my mailbox and it is empty.
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    Same here.. still nothing! Oh the anticipation!
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    I looked at the blog from last years applicants. They did not start getting their letters until final grades for this semester were posted. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Some people were getting their letters in early June, I think they may have been on the wait liast and were notified after others had notified that they will not be attending.