Los angeles pierce college Rn program for fall 2017

  1. Has anyone applied ? I'm taking the teas exam this friday i am so nervous !
    today i got an invitation to take it at pierce.
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  4. by   jess.m3
    Hi!! I applied! And I was invited to take the teas as well. I already took the teas so I'm just sending my results over. Hope it all went well on your exam!! Is this the only college you applied at??
  5. by   steph17
    I'm so upset because I didn't pass the test I got a 59.3% my gpa & science grades are good this just getting on the way ... idk what I'm going to do I guess I'll have to do a remediation plan :/

    i hope you get in the program !!
  6. by   jess.m3
    Quote from steph17
    I'm so upset because I didn't pass the test I got a 59.3% my gpa & science grades are good this just getting on the way ... idk what I'm going to do I guess I'll have to do a remediation plan :/

    i hope you get in the program !!
    hi! I'm not too familiar with the remediation plan but yes do what you can to try and get in! Don't lose hope
    I honestly had a hard time with it too. I scored a 68 and when I look at other post on this website I see that a lot of people have high teas scores and that really leaves me feeling like I did horrible. And I have no chance but I'm trying to look pass that and hope for the best. Did you send your score over to Pierce already?
  7. by   steph17
    But at least you passed you have a higher chance than me. I feel so hopeless:/
    The test was harder than I thought!

    make me sure you don't take the test again because in some programs they count it against you, or just ask the program before if you ever wanted to of course .

    The results were were sent immediately because I put pierce college as the school I wanted my transcripts to be sent to.

    have you sent them ?

    I called college of the canyons too, which is another program I applied to and they said they first have to invite me to take the test and that's when I would need to send in my score and from there they will send me to a remediation plan.
  8. by   jess.m3
    I haven't sent them yet, I have been a little bummed out over my score that I'm a little scared to send them over. But I'll work on that today.
    Dont feel hopeless, you've come this far. You might have to do a little more work to get in because of the remediation but do it and it'll all pay off. Let's think positive!! We'll get in one way or another even if it's a longer wait. I might have to re apply a few semesters and hope I get lucky. This is my first semester applying. How about you?? I also applied for coc. What other colleges did apply to?? I did...coc, Moorpark, Pierce, gcc, Pasadena. I want to do Valley but their website is a little confusing to me.
  9. by   steph17
    Yeah you have to send them so that they know you already took it.

    I applied at gcc, coc and I'm going to apply to pcc and also valley but to apply to valley you need to make an appointment with a councelor to sign off on your transcripts then take it to the nursing department so that we can apply. How did you do the application for pcc? They have an extra step of writing personal things and stuff

    I tried making an appointment and the lady told me to make the appointment towards the end of march.
  10. by   jess.m3
    You need to apply now, the last day is tomorrow for Pasadena. They were a little more particular with their application. I had to turn my collect transcripts, and my Hs transcripts too becuase my AA isn't posted yet. You write if you have any personal difficulties/first generation of college.Something brief, you only have like a small little space to write. You should try and make it before the deadline so you have more options
  11. by   steph17
    Omg tomo ?!!! Did you type the whole thing cause I know a certain portion has you've typed which I don't understand why.

    Im going to fill it up tonight and have the teacher I work for sign it because she's someone I speak to on a Daily basis.

    Did yoh turn in your teas results with it ?
  12. by   steph17
    For that portion of the application you typed everything and you just used a pen for the signature part right ?
  13. by   jess.m3
    I honestly did not see anything that said type. Oops! I did everything in pen. I must of done it wrong then. I also didn't turn in my teas results because I hadn't taken it yet. But I will sent it over later on once I'm off from work and hope I can still be considered. Do you think they will still consider me if I'm sending my teas results later than my application??

    Im online looking for the application to see how I missed that detail ....and I ran into their required teas score. It says 59, so you definitely have a chance with Pasadena!!!!! Yay!!!
  14. by   steph17
    Maybe you can fix that and let them know that and you can also turn it in with a printed copy of your results.

    The best thing is to email them and ask I don't think they will deny you just because you didn't send the results right away.

    Omg I just saw that too I got so excited ! I wonder why every program doesn't do that ?!

    I hope we can both get into the programs !!!