Looking for an Accelerated BSN program in a compact state.

  1. Hello every one, I am a first time poster, but a long time lurker. I am currently a 24 year old male who is interested in the nursing profession. I volunteer at la county/usc (level one trauma center in los angeles) in the er and at my local er where I live. I seriously cant believe that I didn't discover the health care field sooner. Any how here is my situation. I graduated about a year ago, with a BA in psychology. My plan was to become an MFT or LCSW. However, after exposing myself in this type of work, I don't think I am cut out for that field. I have no problem seeing blood (table saw+right palm....you do the math), guts, vomit, poop whatever, but I cant do one on one counseling as I get too emotionally involved. Plus pay isnt great for the amount of extra schooling and professional development. So I have looked into nursing. I am interested in doing a ABSN program but preferably in a RN compact state. The reason for this is I have read on these boards that its hard to get a job as a new grad and to me, getting my license in a compact state, in my opinion will allow me to be more flexible in terms of ease in getting a job. I have no real financial or family obligations so I am willing to move anywhere. My main concerns is finances, I am trying to take out the least amount of loans possible. I am very debt aversive, hence the reason why I came out of undergrad with no debt. SO the smaller amount of debt, the better. So does anyone know of any acelerated proggrams in any of the compact states that doesnt charge and arm and a leg? I looked at the ABSN program at arkansas state university. 18k for the whole program doesn't seem too bad (I have about 10K saved at the moment). Only issue is that I dont know if that is for all student, or for in state, as I couldnt find any info for out of state resident tuition. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Compact license is only mult-state if you are a legal permanent resident of the issuing state. If you are an out of state resident your compact state license is single state.

    For example if you live in VA (a compact state) you would have a mult-state compact license. However if you live in NJ (non-compact state ) your VA license would only be valid in the single state of VA.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Texas is part of the Nursing Licensure Compact; in other words, it is one of the compact states. Texas Christian University offers an accelerated BSN program that takes about 15 months to complete after all prerequisites have been taken.
  5. by   lmh1981
    UTA has an accelerated BSN program that takes 15 months also.
  6. by   lmh1981
    The cost for UTA is around 17,000 if you do the online program. www.stateu.com/uta
  7. by   carameloyip
    I thought UTA cost about $9000 only????
  8. by   lmh1981
    Quote from carameloyip
    I thought UTA cost about $9000 only????
    That's for the RN-BSN, 17000 is for the AP online per licensure Program.