Linfield Accelerated BSN 2013 Summer Start - page 3

Hello! I searched to see if a Linfield thread was started already for this year but I couldn't find one so I decided to start one myself (I'm sorry if one was already started!) I got my letter... Read More

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    I forgot about French Press! That sounds great. Does Tuesday, the 28th at 11 sound good? It sounds like it'll just be me and you unless other Salem Linfield folk jump on this thread!

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    Sounds good, I'll see you at 11 on the 28th! This gives others a little time to check the post, if anyone else is interested!
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    Is there a Facebook group? If not, I'll make one (:
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    I don't think there is... yet.
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    I'm assuming you got in nantos? Congratulations! Are you currently living in Portland?
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    I haven't been able to find one... I think you should make a page :-)
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    RASKL - I'm moving to Beaverton on Tuesday! (: It was an intense month of searching for a place to live and get everything done!

    Done! Linfield ABSN Summer 2013 Cohort
    I dont know if this address works?

    lso, ignore "felix wong" he's not in the program, but FB wouldn't let me make a group unless I had someone else to add into i added my bf. I'll take him out once someone else is in the group too.

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