Linfield Accelerated BSN 2013 Summer Start - page 2

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Hello! I searched to see if a Linfield thread was started already for this year but I couldn't find one so I decided to start one myself (I'm sorry if one was already started!) I got my letter of acceptance this weekend... Read More

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    I was wait listed, but just got an email this morning about my acceptance. I am a bit nervous and worried about finding a place to live and moving in one months time! Does any one have any recommendations about what areas to look in?
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    Congratulations! Where will you be coming in from? I'm not completely familiar with the Portland area just yet. I'll be commuting from Salem.
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    I'll be moving from CA. Finding apartments sure is stressful ahha.
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    Hello! I was also accepted to the Linfield 2013 summer program! So excited! I currently live in Salem but I am moving up to Portland area right before orientation. Are you (RASKL) going to be commuting during the entire program? I thought it would be too much driving...
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    Congratulations rylin86! I will be commuting everyday. I wish I could take Amtrak all week, but unfortunately, it doesn't work with my schedule. No worries though; I'm used to commuting an hour each way from a summer job I had a couple years ago. I'm wondering how many other people from here are for sure going to Linfield. We should meet up before orientation and get acquainted!
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    I'd love to meet up! I'm still working full time, until the 24th, but I can make something work! I also have the entire week before orientation where I'm just cleaning and packing, that would work best!
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    What part of Salem are you in right now? I'm in south Salem. We can do coffee at the Ike Box or any Starbucks if you'd like!
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    I'm also in South Salem, and work in South Salem. Either works for me, what time of day works best for you?
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    My schedule is pretty open. I'm currently visiting family/friends in Nevada and I won't be back until around the 21st. After that, I'm free!
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    And I'll be gone until the 27th... How about Tuesday, the 28th, anytime works for me! French Press or Ike Box?