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  1. 0 Hi everyone!!!
    What experiences have any of you had with Kaplan University online ADN to BSN program?
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    Quote from sagarcia210
    Hi everyone!!!
    What experiences have any of you had with Kaplan University online ADN to BSN program?
    Hi, I just finished Kaplan online for Forensic Nursing, it was pretty cool, it was nice after working 60+ hours at work to just sit at the computer in your pj's and take your tests and go through your classes. I just found that you have to stay up on your studies, before you know it a couple of weeks have passed and you have to double up to catch up.
    Let me know how you like it, I would like to get my BSN (that is one of the reason why I had taken up Forensic Nursing, I wanted to see what it was like to take courses online).
    Good Luck,
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    I looked into Kaplan, asking for more info on some of their programs. I found them extremely pushy. I made it clear that I was looking at several options and didn't want to commit right away. Instead I got a hard sell by the rep telling me I HAD to accept and sign the contract immediately or else I might not be able to enter the classes at a later date. When I told her I wanted to read over the information, she assured me it was all good. She wanted me to fax my information back to her, and I told her I would do so when I returned to work in a few days, because I don't have a fax. She told me to find a kinko's and do it right away. I was very put off by her used-car-salesman attitude.

    Even if I'd decided they were the best, I would have refused.
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    i agree with emmanuel's comments. recently, i contact kaplan for post masters information. when i refused to give my phone number on their info request form (i don't appreciate sales calls at home--i am perfectly capable of calling someone if i am interested in their "snake oil"), they sent a rude reply stating that i did not meet their requirements! imagine that!

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