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    has anyone taken the kaplan nursing entrance exam? i previously took the net, and applied to the nursing program at baker for entrance into the program for the fall. unfortunately, i did not make the cut. i now have to take the kaplan nursing entrance exam. i bought the kaplan study guide; i have the barons, as well as the evolve, (for the hesi). with the net the composite score was based on math and reading comp only, a few science and no chemistry. this new kaplan makes the net seem like a kindergarten entrance test. i can't seem to find any websites or threads specifically on what the kaplan test actually is about, how it is scored, or any information pertaining to just the kaplan test. can anyone help? i will be taking this test in early october. any information will be appreciated.

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    I took the Kaplan for Baker-Flint and got an 82%, I am a 4.0 student btw. The highest I heard of anyone getting was an 89%. Most people seemed to get 60-75. The test is pretty darn hard. Study the kaplan book, I know it helped me but remember that everyone is having a hard time so don't get too discouraged.

    When I took the Kaplan you could take a break and walk around for a minute in between questions. That helps a lot when you get stressed out. Make sure you study your A&P book back and forth, because the Kaplan questions are very specific so you will need to know that stuff. Good luck!
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    Thanks...were there Chemistry questions on the test as well? Because as you know, Baker does not require Chemistry as a pre-req. I have been out of school for 30 years. With all my pre-req. completed, I have a 3.96GPA. Would you say most of the material from the Kaplan Study Guide was on the test? This question is pertaining to both the math and science. How were the reading passages? Were they average reading length or longer? In addition, do you know how the Kaplan is scored? Are all subject areas considered in the percentage total? Thanks again for your help in answering my questions!
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    Each section has a different number of questions and you have to do them in order. The last area was where I did the worst, but I talked to a lot of people who thought it was the easiest section so I think it all depends on your strengths. I found the math was A LOT easier on the actual test than in the study guide. I also thought the reading/writing was easier. The writing or grammar part can get a little annoying so I would suggest taking a break right about then.

    As far as it being scored do you mean in terms of how many baker points you get? Like I said I had an 82% so I received 9.2 points out of 11. The highest at Flint this term was 9.9 and it was pretty rare to see anyone in the 80s at all.
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    I would suggest knowing your basic A&P like the back of your hand. There were less questions for the science portion than for any other section, but keep in mind that there is a vast amount of information to know for basic A&P and any kind of question can pop up pertaining to any part of the body.
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    Thanks for the information. In regards to the scoring, when I took the NET test, you were given points only on the composite scores in math and reading. There were science questions as well, but these were not included in your total score. So as far as I can see, all sections of the Kaplan are considered in your total percentage. Thanks to everyone for the help and advice!
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    :redpinkhe.... i met with the nursing director and am pretty excited to take the kaplan in october....study....study....study thanks everyone, and i promise...no more pesky questions...i just want to rock this exam!
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    No I'm happy to help. I was freaking out about taking it because I couldn't find too much information on it. Math is normally my worst subject and I scored in the 90's on the Kaplan. If you had a good understanding of you MATH111 class, you will be fine with the Math.

    As far as the English, it was the second to last part and it seemed to last forever. If you really work the study guide for the reading and can do well on it you should breeze through the test. I did better on the test than I ever did in the study guide. But I spent a lot of time studying what they wanted you to in the Kaplan and taking the practice exams.

    My knowledge of AP 1 did not seem to translate well on the Kaplan.

    Good luck and feel free to ask anymore questions that you might have!
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    Thank you sooooo much...I really do appreciate all your advice. All of your advice has been extremely helpful, and I Thank YOU for your time in responding! In respect for the nervousness before taking this test, I feel, has much to do with the "unknown factor"..... keeping this in mind.....having someone to answer questions that I post is very comforting! Thank you again!:redpinkhe Did you get into the nursing program beginning this fall, 2010? Are you a nursing student from the Flint campus? Also, I agree with you on the quality of the A&P professor, and its relevance to the critical information that is or should be expected of each nursing student. Unfortunately, too many students "hope" or "choose" to get the "easy" instructor, and in reality they are hurting themselves. I'm sorry to hear that you were done an injustice in the lack of "quality instructing you would have expected".....in these circumstances we have to study a bit harder, a bit longer, a bit more intensely.....the end result...you will become a better nurse for it...right?!?!
    Have a great day, and if you are starting the program in the Fall...CONGRATULATIONS
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    Blue eye mommy or anyone who has some advice to offer: In regards to the science section of the Kaplan Study Guide....Did you feel that JUST studying the Kaplan study guide and taking the practice tests were sufficient in preparing for the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam?
    When I was taking the practice tests...I was not doing as well as I would hope to..actually not well at all....now I'm worried about over studying on specific areas that may not at all be what I should be focusing on...you helping me out! This is a very competitive program, and I hope you know I am very grateful to any advice you have to offer. Thanks in advance.
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