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Has anyone taken the Kaplan nursing entrance exam? I previously took the net, and applied to the nursing program at Baker for entrance into the program for the fall. Unfortunately, I did not make the... Read More

  1. by   azalayia
    What study guide did you use that helped you get an 85 on your test?
  2. by   azalayia
    Quote from sburnham22
    I just took my kaplan last week at Baker Owosso. When we went in the room, our proctor told us that no one had scored in the 90's and only a few in the 80's so not to get discouraged! That was discouraging enough. I was so nervous. I had studied the whole week before but still didn't feel like I knew anything. I ended up getting an 85 which I was super happy with. Other people that took it that I talked to got in the 60's and 70's. So hopefully, it will be enough to get me in the nursing program this spring!!

    What study guide did you use that helped you get an 85 on your test?
  3. by   sburnham22
    Quote from azalayia
    What study guide did you use that helped you get an 85 on your test?
    I used the kaplan: nursing school entrance exams study guide but it honestly didn't help me at all. The test is really nothing like the book makes it out to be. All I did was review my notes from anatomy and physiology and then looked for some online quizzes on fractions.
  4. by   chazime
    Quote from bonnevie13
    thanks to everyone who commented on this thread. i conquered the kaplan on oct 30th....and much of what everyone has written is a good assessment of the format of the test. the math was nothing like the kaplan study guide....fractions/decimal/percentages and about 6 or 7 conversions/calc dosage problems..reading/comp portion was relatively easy...and you can take a break when you feel ready, i would strongly suggest taking your break after the second test, before the writing portion! this section; the writing section; was redundant with the type of questions and i was getting frustrated. at this point i wished i had taken the break before starting this section. the science section:-put it this way ---all and i mean i used many-nursing entrance exam study guides along with the kaplan, plus studied extensively from my class a&p book did not prepare me for the questions/or i should say the type of questions that were on the test. some of them were no brainers if you studied or paid attention in your a&p class, while many of theother questions were-----i don't even know how to describe them----you knew it or didn't/or had to guess. overall i think the mystery of the test, especially because it is relatively new, is worse that the test itself! good luck to anyone who is taking the kaplan.....and i'mkeeping my fingers crossed..hoping that my overall score in addition to my gpa/point system... will be sufficient to be accepted into the program for the spring of 2011......if you can see it, you can be it!

    i will be taking the kaplan in may and applying to the program at baker of clinton township for fall of 2011. (hopefully) i was wondering if you have any more advice. i am so nervous and hear different things everyday from different people. i hope you got in and im wondering how its going for you? i am so scared that i am wasting my time and that i wont be able to get in at all. any advice would be appreciated. im really starting to stress about this alot!!!!
  5. by   sburnham22
    I officially did get in the nursing program at Owosso for spring! I did not think it was possible because of all the negative things I was hearing from everyone else. The most important thing is not to get discouraged. I was told the teachers that taught your pre-req's are the ones who pick what questions are on the test. So as long as you study from your own materials (I mean really study A&P!) and do some practice quizzes for fractions online you will be fine. I totally understand how you feel, because this test is a major deciding factor on whether you get in. It's worth the most points towards your app, but all you can do is try your hardest! Good luck!
  6. by   chazime
    Well Congrats to you!!! Its good to hear some positive things instead of all the negativity I get in some of my classes.I try to just ignore it but it's hard. If you have any links of resources to be ready for math or english please share! And Good luck in the program! Bonnevie13 did you get in to Clinton township?
  7. by   possibility3
    To Chazime. You just need to study A&P. As for math, know your fractions, some med math, multiplication and basically the basics.
    The reading section is weird, but it's common sense. Good Luck!
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  8. by   chazime
    Thanks all advice is appreciated! I am nervous about the reading part. I took my comp classes back in 2003 so I'm hoping it all comes back to me!
  9. by   gatormommy
    I was freaked about this test too. Before I say anything I have to let you know that my school only counts the reading and math portion of the test.

    I thought the reading was easier than the study guide. I've never taken a college english class, I had AP credit for both, so I was very apprehensive about this section. I did the practice tests in the kaplan book and took their advice on how to read for a test. I ended up finishing with 20 min to spare and an 86.

    I was absolutely sick about the math part. I haven't had math since 2000. I looked at what types of problems were in my study book and then studied an algebra 1 book. The questions aren't even college algebra. I ended up with an 89.

    Oh, and there is a little calculator you can use. If you're not allowed to use it, it won't let you get an answer. I get kinda lazy when I do math and have a calculator.

    I should have taken the other two parts just to be able to help out but I was so relieved that I was finished and had passed I completely forgot.
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  10. by   chazime
    Wow Thanks alot! You dont know how much ALL of this adive helps. It kinda makes me feel like I have a chance
  11. by   Jenneffere
    I just took the Kaplan at the University of South Dakota. My score was 88. I did study using the Kaplan book, but honestly you don't need to know any of the science information that was included in the book except for the A & P. In fact, you need to know more A & P than what the book included, so getting a cliff book or any A & P review book would be better. We did get to use the calculator on the program.
    I am posting this, because I had a hard time finding information on what to expect on the exam.
    Keep in mind that every question missed deducts more points than you would think, so really study. For instance, I missed only 1 on the reading section and that brought that score down to 95%. I missed 3 on the science and that brought that score down to 85%. Just take your time, use all the time allotted, and make sure to go over your answers before starting the next section on the exam. I was literally the last one in the room Not because I am slow, I was just being very cautious.
    They are not only looking at your total score they are also looking at your critical thinking ability.
    The Kaplan study guide, in my opinion, wasted a lot of time that I could have used concentrating on reviewing my A & P.
    Good luck to all of you looking for Kaplan entrance exam information to prepare for your exam. I hope this helps.
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  12. by   Jenneffere
    I had the same problem with adding decimals with the calculator until I realized if I entered 0. then the rest it would let me It won't let you add .362 and 1.629 for example, because unless you start the .362 as 0.362 it will calculate it as 362.
  13. by   gatormommy

    That makes sense. I was so nervous I just said the heck with it and did the decimals on paper.

    How does the test calculate critical thinking. I didn't have to take the entire test. I think it said there were 16 questions. I got 11 right but didn't have to answer 3 of them. So I guess I just answered my own question.

    I'm happy to help explain the mysterious kaplan test.