Grand Canyon University

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    Is there anyone out there going to GCU? I was wondering if so, have you taken the stats class? I'm in my second class, and stats is the 4th. I'm of course, sweating both stats and research.
    Thanks for any input.

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    Hi I'm at gcu in rn-msn bridge program. I took the online stats class it wasn't too bad I got a b+. I can't say I got a good grasp on the material though.
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    How did research go?
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    I already took research online through Liberty University. It wasn't bad....I learned a lot, got an A....
    The GCU courses have been reasonable so far, NOTHING compared to nursing school. I am working overtime every week and have three kids....I may eat my words when I start the MSN portion next month LOL. I am not getting a 4.0 but I could be doing better if I really put more time and effort into it. I am guilty of being kinda slack with all I have going on. So far I have taken Stats, Health Assessment (got an A in that one) and Professional Nursing Dynamics...and I'm in Patho now. I love that there are no tests, it is all discussion and prove what you know in your essays and papers.
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