Grand Canyon University Fall '11 HOPEFULLYS!! - page 5

I just got done applying for GCU's fast track program to start this Fall. I'm hoping I get accepted so that I can start but might have to wait till Spring '12. Please let me know if you hear... Read More

  1. by   inspiredRN10
    I got in!! So happy and relieved! Good luck everyone!
  2. by   RNicholask
    CONGRATS! niceeee...
    When did ya get the email?
  3. by   inspiredRN10
    My counselor just called me. I guess the emails will be going out soon, I am thinking today? But I still don't have mine yet. So I am grateful they called!
  4. by   RNicholask
    Oh my gosh! A phone call? That's pretty sweet.... I'm so happy for you =)
  5. by   inspiredRN10
    Ok I now just got the email. I guess they are staying late to get it all sent out...good luck!!
  6. by   Lizzyru
    I got mine @ 5:24 pm. Congrats to you all!
  7. by   RNicholask
    Congrats! !
    I'm scared.... I think theyre going to make me wait....
  8. by   azgirl11
    Hey Everyone,

    Congrats, I just got my email too! Sooo excited! Did anyone else get into the A.T. Still program?
  9. by   inspiredRN10
    I did! Its so close to my house!! I am sorta worried about driving to john c Lincoln in the beginning...I wonder if that's 4 days a week or just lab days? Im so excited!
  10. by   azgirl11
    Awesome! I am pretty close as well so I'm curious about the JCL thing. Whatever...I'm just so happy to be in!
  11. by   MrsODemus
    I received my letter today as well. Congrats to all.
  12. by   RNicholask
    Haven't received any letter... Must mean I didn't get in.
    Are all of you that got in for the EAST side program?
  13. by   Lizzyru
    I got into the one offered at SCH @ Shea. Have you heard anything? I am wondering, Nick if they have you on the alternate or wait list since they received your application later. That doesn't mean you did not get in yet! So don't give up!