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Has anyone been through the BSN nursing program at GCU? If things work out, I am hoping to start there in January. Thanks for any input!!... Read More

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    I am applying too for the fall! Ah! Im nervous! I am finishing the last classes in march. I want to go ahead and apply then too rather then waiting until may! Do you know if they calculate your entire gpa (I am graduating from ASU this may with a bachelors in sociology) so would they take those grades too and pre req gpa? Im pretty nervous! But I heard they have opened up alot of spots and locations making it easier to get in. What's your gpa? I haven't done the teas yet..

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    My advisor said it's only the pre-reqs. that are calculated for the scholarship. Although I'm not sure about that COM class? I think that is considered as well. I too am curious about the non-degree students GPA/teas scores. I have a degree already which my advisor said weighs in my favor BUT I have a C in Psych and math which really concerns me since I'm competing against non-degree and degree students. Not quite sure what I should do?
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    I got a C in bio 202, and the counselor said that it shouldn't be a problem considering I already have a degree, which apparently that helps tremendously. From the previous posts I read, the average gpa was like a 3.4 or so…Are you applying for the fall as well?
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    Yes I'm applying for the evenin and weekend program. I'm hoping the school can accept a higher level Psych. course to replace my C and that would bump up my overall GPA. I am Taking the required COM class and will finish HCR 210 this semester too. I'm still nervous about it because I am no longer considering ASU. Oh and still have to take the TEAS.
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    Yes I agree. I am sure they would accept a higher Psych class! I thought that would take replacements for math if it is a higher level. So maybe that works for all classes? And yes, I am not considering ASU anymore either. So GCU is the last option! Do you know what campus hosts the evening and weekend? I know their traditional is at GCU. So I couldn't remember if nights were at the Mesa campus or if weekends were?
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    It's both at that campus. Clinicals are on the weekend and lecture is during the week. Not sure what the schedule is at the Scottsdale campus.
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    Oh ok. I understand. Well im excited! I am going in to take the teas the beginning of march and then apply sometime in march. I agree though I wish I just knew the statistics of other previous applicants so we knew what the standard was...that part makes me nervous!
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    I know! They said they typically don't accept a higher level Psych course in place of psych 101 which doesn't make sense to me. They accept higher level math courses! I can't really afford to retake Psych 101 especially since I have taken 200, 300, and 400 level Psych courses. If I had a better idea of the other applicants stats I could feel better about my chances of getting in. Hmmmmm
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    Oh and I thought they would waive the "university foundations" course which basically tells you how to be successful at the school. But we have to take that 8 wk. course in our first semester and in our 4th semester take a Christian World View course. Did you know that?
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    Whoa! I did not know that! I thought they would waive a lot of those types of courses if you already had a bachelors degree. Hmm? I just hope I can get some type of scholarship for the funding of all the classes (especially the ones I am forced to take like those!) But I am tempted to email my counselor and ask for some statistics about the program. Like the average gpa, and tea scores. I feel like I am getting more anxious since it is getting closer and closer!

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