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Has anyone been through the BSN nursing program at GCU? If things work out, I am hoping to start there in January. Thanks for any input!!... Read More

  1. by   AngelRN2b
    @ Smilinjen, congratulations! Way to go!
  2. by   on_the_path
    CONGRATULATIONS smilinjen!!!
  3. by   Southern Magnolia
    Quote from bronzebird
    I'm attending a GCU info session on Saturday and meeting with an admissions counselor. I'm interested in their second degree fast-track program. I've done a lot of research on accelerated BSN programs all over the country. As I read through different GCU threads, I've been joting down questions about the program. I'm a little discouraged by all the negative views about GCU but I also know a few folks who've graduated from their nursing program and loved it. From what I've been researching, you're going to have pros and cons of almost, if not all, programs you look at. My biggest issue with these programs is that each school requires different pre-reqs, entrance admission exam(s), etc. It makes it difficult to plan out your coursework. I've narrowed my choices to a few select schools but even then there is still some inconsistency. However, no matter where you end up, your experience is going to be what you make of it. You're going to have instructors who you may not like and that's life.
    As far as GCU having higher tuition than you might expect, it's because it is a for-profit institution. They are not backed by funds from the state unlike non-profit institutions such as ASU. If you think GCU is expensive for a BSN, I got accepted into PMI's 2 year ADN program and that would have cost me roughly $40,000+ had I accepted and that's because they, too, are also a for-profit institution. You just have to look at what your needs are and find the best fit.

    After I attend the GCU info session, I'll post whatever information I find out.
    Just a note. GCU is a private institution . . . That's more a reason for the higher tuition than classifying it "for profit". "For profit" schools are privately owned but they are different than private universities. Private universities are not subsidized by tax dollars like public universities and community colleges. Public institutions get a certain amount of money for each student from the state - regardless of how the student pays their tuition. This is above and beyond financial aid. This is why state schools are having to increase tuition - less state money coming in right now.
  4. by   smilinjen
    Thanks Angel and On The Path

    Angel, what's the latest with your school challenges? How'd the TEAS go? Weren't you applying for a summer program too?
  5. by   2csmom
    I went there for my bsn...only online. I have kids so this format worked the best for me. I loved that I only had 1 class every 5 weeks instead of 3-4 classes to juggle. It also really seemed to motor through since it changed every 5 weeks. I got really good at writing papers! I'm not sure how much I learned, but at least I have the letters behind my name!
  6. by   medicine lady
    Hi, any helpful advice is much appreciated. I am considering attending GCU as a pre-nursing major, but I'm a little concerned about how many pre-nursing students there are versus how many openings they have for fast track and traditional? They have greatly increased enrollment to 4,400 for Fall 2011, and I heard there are 18% pre-nursing majors at their campus or about 800 students. There are only about 300 - 320 BSN spots, so about 40% get in of existing students. How hard is it to get in if you have a 3.3 overall and 3.4 science GPA? Thanks, Medicine Lady.
  7. by   RNicholask
    Hi ya'll,

    I'm currently applying for the GCU's Fall semester program. I've gotten everything in besides my TEAS V test which I just took today. So crossing my fingers for that.
    science gpa: 3.6
    overall: 3.2 =(
    I'm curious as to if anyone's received information that they've gotten into Fall's program? And if anyone's heard this rumor that they just opened up a lot of spots for fall? I'm hoping this rumor is true so I can start the FAST TRACK program this August.
    I'm currently enrolled to take HCR210,HCR240,FON241,COM270 this summer online so that I will have the classes done before Fall begins.
    Any info would help!

    Thanks everyone,
  8. by   MrsODemus
    Well, I guess I'm a bit confused by your post. I have applied as well to the program for fall acceptance. However, I was informed I had to have all my pre-reqs done (including the ones you listed) and have my TEAS info/transcripts to them by May 17 at the very latest as the deadline was May 15 (but since that was a Saturday). Did they tell you you didn't have to have the pre-reqs done and could take them this summer?
  9. by   RNicholask
    Yeah! The enrollment counselor informed me they were doubling up enrollment for nursing this fall and as long as I have my prereqs done before fall starts I could get in. But they needed my TEAS and transcripts before may 31st.
  10. by   inspiredRN10
    Well ya, I applied for the fall too and my counselor told me the same thing, about getting everything done by May 17. But hey if they are accepting it, good for you! And that's great news they are doubling acceptance!? I hope that is true!! Im so nervous! The summer session found out 3.5 weeks after the application deadline. They applied January 15 and got the acceptance emails around February 10! Hopefully it'll be that quick for us!
  11. by   RNicholask
    Thanks! I heard we will here by end of June.
  12. by   AkAtHrt
    Hi on the path! I got accepted into the NAU/maricopa concurrent program! The commute is far but they changed the at still program to a day program anyway. So, I'll still get my BSN with the Community college price tag. So cross my fingers and good luck to everyone!!!!
  13. by   talenea88
    Hey everyone, silly question...does the GCU campus based traditional program include hands on clinical at a hospital? Which hospital do they work with?! Thank you!