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Has anyone been through the BSN nursing program at GCU? If things work out, I am hoping to start there in January. Thanks for any input!!... Read More

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    Oh my! So, the first person I spoke to at GCU wanted all of my contact info. Before they directed my phone call and put me on hold when I asked to be directed to nursing advisement. I told them I would give nursing advising my info. Once I was speaking to them and if i felt it was relevant but I was not going to give up personal info. To some random operator on the phone. Then i called back and was directed to nursing dept. But she had no idea of what fast track program i was talking about. I just spent atleast 1/2 hour going in circles trying to convince my so called advisor on the phone at GCU that the 20 month program exists!!!! So then I was transferred to her coworker who finally figured out I was interested in on ground education and I was talking to the online department only! I called the only number from their website too! What a joke. I still don't have info. Because the on ground "advisor" was at lunch. I cannot wait to get all of this figured out and finally start school. I just want to go to school and get my BSN! I thought you might think that was funny and if you had the name of someone who knows what they are talking about would be helpful

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    Sorry I haven't been online in a while! And what a mess! Talk about miscommunication! The counselor I have has been super helpful so far. Are you going to apply in May?
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    Hi thank you I finally got a hold of someone who has been helpful so far. I am of course nervous putting all of my eggs in the GCU basket but their program seems to be the best fit for my family right now. So, yes I am going to apply in May to start in the fall. I was interested in the ASU program but I would only be interested in the Mayo program and since I am missing some classes my score potential may not be competitive enough. Its so frustrating I have an old Psych class and math class from my freshman year years ago haunting me to this day. So, I am debating if I should retake either of them to make my GPA more competitive or cross my fingers. Jon the advisor said since I have a degree already and my science GPA is 3.8 looks good on the application. I have read the school postings on this site over and over trying to glean info. regarding the program at GCU and of course the neg. comments concern me. Especially since the school is so expensive. What are your thoughts towards the program? Oh I signed up for the req. COM class this spring semester so I don't have to worry about taking a summer class
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    I feel the same way. I think because GCU offers so many programs at so many different locations, I think it really increases the chances of getting in. The advisor I talked to said if you already have a bachelors, and apply as a second degree student, you are almost guaranteed a spot. My overall GPA will be like a 3.55 I am hoping, plus my 4.0 bachelor degree from ASU. It made me feel better when she said that if you already hold a degree they really try to get you in. All my pre req classes aren't too bad, but they aren't too great. I have been doing the pre req classes along with my regular degree classes, so it has been a hectic semester! I think if you have at the very least a 3.2 overall gpa, and your degree you will be more than fine! And I agree GCU just seems like the best fit. I really really hope to get in!
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    Just a side note about GCU, I am in their RN-BSN program. The admissions advisors are super helpful and knowledgable (I guess once you get the to right one) but their Financial Aide dept is HORRIBLE!!! Especially if your situation is a bit complicated like other loans in defferment, and wanting Pell Grants. (Which I don't think is that complicated.) Fin. Aide is totally incompetent. You MUST stay on them to get your program funded. And you'll be reassigned different fin aide advisors, none of which can get anything accomplished. And the program, atleast the online RN-BSN seems to be thrown together hap-hazardly. Most times, I can't even find out what the book is for my next class, and there is ALOT of group work. My current class is 49% group projects..... Again, FYI....
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    Does anyone here ever wonder like I do if the for-profit schools have people keeping tabs on these forums to post false reviews of their programs. In my opinion I rather not pay the money when there are much cheaper options to go with. EAU in Thatcher for instance.
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    They have a place in education but buyer beware! For profit colleges are getting a thorough spanking of late. There were lots of poor practices like taking advantage of low income students (which are most likely to qualify for gov loans - and you're on the hook for good), misrepresenting job prospects, forcing/encouraging student loans, recruiters paid like salespeople, disregard for student ability/success, etc.
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    I saw that same special too on CNBC, and I agree as I worked for once such school. But those are mostly the super expensive trade schools. I don't feel that GCU falls into that catagory. Even though they are a for profit university, their RN-BSN is cheaper and quicker than ASU's. I just feel like some of their depts are poorly run, but I also graduated from Mesa Community College and their fin aide and admissions are also crappy.
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    Interestingly, as I have found out after doing some research, the cost of ASU's accelerated BSN program and GCU's accelerated BSN program are actually really similar in price after it is all said and done. I think that GCU is right about in the same price range as other private universities. I agree with MassagetoRN, that trade schools (i.e Bryman school for xrays) are more of a "rip off"
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    ASU's biggest thing for me was A) the nearly $5k in fees for the RN-BSN program and B) 10 credits in upper division classes which would require another semester of classes if you didn't want to take them on top of the 2-3 classes at a time of the RN-BSN program.

    I completely agree that the trade schools, even for nursing, are a rip off. I mean $40k for a 2 year program! The only plus to that is not waiting on the waitlist. But with today's economy, those schools have such a poor reputation, you'd be lucky to get a LTC RN position upon graduation.

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