Georgetown Spring 2011 ABSN applicants

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    I just wanted to start a thread for the Spring 2011 applicants for the ABSN program. I don't know if this is the first time the Gtown is using the nursingCAS or not, but I wanted to hear about everyone else's experience with it.
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    NursingCAS was fine; although the one personal statement with the word limit didn't seem to be enough to relay who I was as an applicant.

    Question: Did everyone already receive the WHS application? The application guide said it would be emailed mid-August, but I never received one. Also, any invitations for interview?
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    Has anyone gotten any emails yet???
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    Nope no emails yet.
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    Best of luck! I hope it's soon!
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    I am keeping my fingers crossed for everyone. Let us know if you receive any emails. We should be hearing soon. Best of luck!
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    Nothing yet. I'm sure they'll send something soon. No WHC application yet, either. Good luck, everyone!
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    If i had to guess, i would say that they well send the invitations out on Saturday and only send the WHC applications to the people who get invited to interview.
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    Jeez right after i say this i get the email for the WHC application!
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    That sounds promising for you! Let us know if you get an interview!