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I just wanted to start a thread for the Spring 2011 applicants for the ABSN program. I don't know if this is the first time the Gtown is using the nursingCAS or not, but I wanted to hear about everyone else's experience with it.... Read More

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    Does anyone know how many applications they got, and how many they are accepting for spring? Has anyone heard when the acceptance letters will be sent out? I'm wondering if they're finished with the interviews yet.

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    They received 120 applications for the spring semester and they will accept 60.
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    Thank you for the info! Any word on when the acceptance (or, heaven forbid, the rejection) letters or emails will be sent?
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    Quote from nan0123
    Any word on when the acceptance (or, heaven forbid, the rejection) letters or emails will be sent?
    I started the ABSN program at Georgetown in January '10. Though they may do things differently this time than when I was applying, I received my notice of acceptance by email on October 15, 2009.

    Good luck to all you applicants!
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    Not sure. I had my interview yesterday and I believe the last set of interviews are on Thursday. I 'm thinking within the next two weeks.
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    I was there on Monday & I think the options for interviews ran through next week. Admissions folks that I spoke with said to expect decisions in early Oct. Didn't give a fixed date. But the scholarship deadline was Oct 6, so I think it will take longer to hear about that.
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    For those of you who went for interviews, was there any indication of why they had asked for an interview. I only ask because of the email they sent out saying that they would base their decisions on the applications and mycollegei videos, unless there were additional questions. Did you all do the mycollegei interview?

    I'm sure the interview will only help you, so good luck!
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    I didn't do the mycollegi video, but I live in the area. So, it was easier for me to come in person than to prepare a video; and I prefer meeting people firsthand if possible. It was a pretty short interview - the questions that they asked were very basic and pretty much expected - why do you want to be a nurse, application of my non-healthcare background to nursing, etc.

    I'm wishing everyone the best luck as well!
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    Thanks! That was calming to my nerves!
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    Has anyone heard anything yet? I'm wondering if they will send out acceptance and rejection emails at the same time. Did everyone send in their WHC applications already, or are you waiting to hear from Georgetown first?

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