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I just wanted to start a thread for the Spring 2011 applicants for the ABSN program. I don't know if this is the first time the Gtown is using the nursingCAS or not, but I wanted to hear about everyone else's experience with it.... Read More

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    Still no interview email, just the WHC application. Did anyone get an interview invite yet? They must have received a lot of applications--maybe they're still deciding who to interview. Good luck, everyone!

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    Also only got the WHS application. Any interview e-mails yet?
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    Nope.. none yet. fingers crossed!!
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    Nothing yet...just the WHC email. I guess we'll know one way or the other within the next two weeks, but it's so hard to wait!!!
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    Greetings all.

    I'm a 3rd semester student (started Spring 2010) in the non-WHC, accelerated BSN program at Georgetown. This time last year, I was stressing about whether I'd get invited for an interview! :-)

    If anyone has questions they'd like answered about the current ABSN program at GU from a student's perspective, I'd be glad to share my experience and perspective.
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    Thanks! I'm sure there will be lots of questions. Do you know if they send the WHC application email to all the applicants, or just the ones who will be asked to interview?
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    Sorry, can't help with the application process, as it's different now than when I applied last year. For instance, last Fall when I applied all interviews were conducted in groups at GU and WHC on a scheduled interview day.

    Now I hear that the ABSN program is going to experiment with online interviews, to save money for applicants who may not be able to afford a trip to DC.
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    That would be interesting, if they go to online interviews, but it makes sense for out of state applicants since flights and hotels are so expensive.

    Has the program been a positive experience, so far?
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    Quote from nan0123
    Has the program been a positive experience, so far?
    You ask an important question, which needs to be answered in the context of what my expectations were coming into the program, and my expectations now. When I came into the program I expected every professor to be the best in their field, I expected the program to be hella hard and competitive, and I expected to get a first rate nursing education. My experience has been that:

    -Most professors were great, with a few lemons thrown in.

    -The program is not so much hard as it is time consuming. Some people spend nights and weekends studying; others don't. You will have a lot of assignments especially in later semesters, and some of those assignments are (IMHO) a waste of time.

    -The program is not competitive between students. There is no curving or rounding of grades. So if I get an "A", someone else doesn't have to necessarily get a "C".

    -I think I'm getting a first rate nursing education crammed into my skull.

    Georgetown's ABSN program gets fine tuned a bit each semester, based on past experience. Student feedback is encouraged. But how do you compare it to other programs you might have chosen instead - but didn't? When I talk to students in other programs, they tell me about some of their own complaints - which are similar to those I have from time to time about the ABSN program. So I've concluded that no program is or will ever be perfect, and suit everyone's taste. My conclusion is to look at the end result: regardless of the issues you get worked up about during your four semesters in the program, it's hard to argue with success. The Georgetown ABSN pass rate on the NCLEX licensing exam (first try) is currently 100%.
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    Thanks so much! The info is much appreciated!

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