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I just wanted to start a thread for the Spring 2011 applicants for the ABSN program. I don't know if this is the first time the Gtown is using the nursingCAS or not, but I wanted to hear about... Read More

  1. by   kse11
    Hey everyone! I just got my acceptance email 23 minutes ago! Good luck to everyone!
  2. by   Shaw913
    Hey all! I just got my acceptance email. Good luck guys!

    Now we just have to wait to hear about the scholarships!
  3. by   joe8kippy
    I'm in too!!!!! Yay!
  4. by   calinurse2011
    Hi all,

    For those who were admitted, could I ask what your stats were?
  5. by   mimojadi
    PM me if you want specifics on stats
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  6. by   mimojadi
    GOOD STUFF JOE! wasnt your sleep worth it?

    Quote from joe8kippy
    I'm in too!!!!! Yay!
  7. by   mimojadi
    Questions for those who mentioned the much needed scholarships- which ones are u referring to? I didnt apply because i didnt know if i would get in or not.. but now i really NEED to apply ahah.
  8. by   ambermulan
    I think everyone is referring to the WHC scholarship, though Georgetown has several scholarships listed on their website. Congratulations to everyone who got in! The hilltop is a beautiful place, especially during the spring semester. where is everyone coming from?
  9. by   bernbabybern820
    Just got accepted as well!!!!

    Unfortunately i don't know if i can afford going there if i dont get accepted for the scholarship so we'll see.
  10. by   bernbabybern820
    Quote from calinurse2011
    Hi all,

    For those who were admitted, could I ask what your stats were?
    i did some math for you.

    Undergrad gpa in nutrition: 3.478

    community college: 3.2

    last 89 credits(mixture of community college & university) : 3.73

    last 53 credits(mixture of community college & university): 3.794

    I also took A&P1, A&P2, microbio, and a religion class (15 credits total) this past summer and got an A.
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  11. by   joe8kippy
    I've got a BA & MBA. The BA was almost 20 yrs ago, gpa 3.4ish in a completely unrelated field (architecture!). More recently, I've gotten A's in all science & math pre-reqs; nearly all A's on other pre-reqs. I've been volunteering in a hospital for a while, and had some significant (although totally unrelated) sr. management experience.
  12. by   hellomellow
    Aloha from Hawai'i All!

    I received an acceptance letter from Georgetown as well!!!

    Does anyone know when we're supposed to hear about the WHC scholarship?

  13. by   -alex303
    I also got accepted to Georgetown!!

    I would be moving out from Southern California. I thought I was going to be the one that moved the furthest, but Malika has me bet! Anyone else from the west coast?

    Congrats to everyone who got in!!