Georgetown Bound in August 2012? CNM program

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    just wondering if anyone is starting in august 2012 in the CNM program?

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    No, but I am considering applying for the online program. Are you going on campus, online, or just considering the program?
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    I will be starting online in August
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    I'm working on my 1st nursing degree and hope to go to this program down the road, hopefully for 2015. Seems far, when I see it in writing! I'm curious why you chose this program? Are you planning on going on to Dnp!?
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    I was actually looking for online programs and found several that I was interested in, one day I saw that they were starting a program. I always had a love for georgetown for some reason as a kid...but when I saw they offered CNM/and NP womens health I couldn't imagine why I wouldn't far it has been a great experience (as far as apply to a programs go). I start in August and can wait...good luck in your nursing degree it's a great profression
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    How difficult was if for you guys to get into this program? I'm interested in getting into after I finish my BSN.
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    I'm still waiting to hear. Hopefully I'm with you!
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    That is long ago did you apply, it usually take two weeks or so to get a response...well good luck....
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    I applied two weeks ago and just called my advisor yesterday, he said I was still pending but they should send a email within this week. My thing is, this is a holiday week! I'm really hoping I am with you!
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    I hope so too...well fingers crossed, and keep giving out good vibes

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