Georgetown Bound in August 2012? CNM program

  1. just wondering if anyone is starting in august 2012 in the CNM program?
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  3. by   LLLovely
    No, but I am considering applying for the online program. Are you going on campus, online, or just considering the program?
  4. by   madalena2
    I will be starting online in August
  5. by   emmbee
    I'm working on my 1st nursing degree and hope to go to this program down the road, hopefully for 2015. Seems far, when I see it in writing! I'm curious why you chose this program? Are you planning on going on to Dnp!?
  6. by   madalena2
    I was actually looking for online programs and found several that I was interested in, one day I saw that they were starting a program. I always had a love for georgetown for some reason as a kid...but when I saw they offered CNM/and NP womens health I couldn't imagine why I wouldn't far it has been a great experience (as far as apply to a programs go). I start in August and can wait...good luck in your nursing degree it's a great profression
  7. by   WannaBNursey
    How difficult was if for you guys to get into this program? I'm interested in getting into after I finish my BSN.
  8. by   aspiringmidwife76
    I'm still waiting to hear. Hopefully I'm with you!
  9. by   madalena2
    That is long ago did you apply, it usually take two weeks or so to get a response...well good luck....
  10. by   aspiringmidwife76
    I applied two weeks ago and just called my advisor yesterday, he said I was still pending but they should send a email within this week. My thing is, this is a holiday week! I'm really hoping I am with you!
  11. by   madalena2
    I hope so too...well fingers crossed, and keep giving out good vibes
  12. by   swerjnurse
    Does anyone know the tuition for the WHNP/CNM online program? I didn't see it online.

    Also, for those of you accepted into the program, what was your path there? Were you all L&D nurses? I'm an aspiring midwife and my first job out of school is in the SICU. I'm totally digging all the experience but I wonder if they like you to have clinical experience in obstetrics to get into the program. Thanks a ton!

  13. by   RNpandoraRN
    The tuition is very steep - about $70K when it's all said and done. That's not including travel costs for required trips to campus (airfare, hotel, meals, etc) and you have to attend an annual conference of the American College of Nurse Midwives, which is a few days, so there is registration fee for that, plus more hotel/travel....

    The price tag is daunting but I'm pushing forward.

    I'm not and never have been an L&D nurse but my experience is a few years of Med/Surg and a few years of OB/GYN in the clinic setting. I quit working altogether in order to attend the program full-time (working, doing the program, and having a family all at once is impossible for me)